Floral Design

Fun random fact about the Michael and I! While in college at Louisiana Tech- we both worked in a flower shop! I helped design the floral arrangements and Michael was the cute hunk who delivered the flowers!

🌺 Each week I grab flowers from Trader Joes or the local grocery store! I wanted to share some floral design tips for those wanting to add flowers to their home this summer.

Hey, when the kitchen is a mess but you have gorgeous flowers, they cancel out, right? 

-Absolutely no leaves go in water. It creates mold and algae, which is the enemy of your arrangement. Clean all stems first by cutting off extra leaves. You should have about 1/3 of your stem be flower and foliage for the top of the arrangement, the rest needs to be a clean stem.
All stems should touch bottom of vase. Ensure that when you cut the stem that they are long enough to hit the bottom of the vase. This ensures they get good water.

You may be cutting your flowers wrong. 😉 I was. When they handed me a sharp knife in college to cut the stems I looked at them like they were crazy!
-Cut on the diagonal not straight across! This will allow full hydration & increase the length of time of your arrangement. Also, always, cut your flowers before putting them in water. If you buy them from a grocery store, they need a fresh new cut to allow hydration.

-Keep flowers away from sunlight and heating vents.
-Save larger leaves and stems with leaves on them to fill in around the flowers.
-Drape/ waterfall some of the greenery over the container's rim. I personal love this look.
-Use your yard! Even greenery from your yard makes for a beautiful FREE arrangement by the kitchen sink full of dishes. 

Have a wonderful THREE day weekend, everyone! 



It's been A LONG time since I have joined back into the blogging world. But, I am excited to say that I AM BACK! 

There are a few things that I love and are passionate about & hosting in our home is one of them. 

Let's start here: once your over night guests’ date is confirmed start preparing for their arrival! Let me start by saying- we don't have guests that often because our family is local! But, when I do, I like to make our home comfortable for our guests! 

-inquire about any food allergies or restricted diets/ grab their favorite drinks. I even stock up on their favorite type of milk/ coffee creamer/ & snacks.
-clean your guest sheets the day before so they smell nice and fresh! I do this with towels too!
-place bottles of waters on the side table for late night thirst.
-make sure the fan in their bedroom is going. This is easy to turn off, but nice to have on for them.
-provide bathroom essentials.
-fresh flowers are always a nice touch in their room or bathroom
-provide your WIFI login information written down in their room so they don’t have to ask.
-provide children areas for sleep/ pack-N-plays already set up. Traveling with children is tough, so having that set up & ready is a sweet surprise!
-light music playing & a glass of wine ready for when they arrive is always a great way to start off their vacation in/ at your home.

That's my list! Again, excited to be back! 


Happy New Year!


We have had such a fun Fall (& start of winter!) that this little blog of mine took a break. I'll get into more details about that later! 
2017 was a year or growth, leaping in Faith, healing, and loving more than we thought our hearts could love! 

Here are few of our favorite memories from 2017!!!! 

<< get ready.. for a large PHOTO DUMP >> 


baking with mama

fun with friends

cousin time


screenshot of this cutie

Ally Ann is TWO


Wedding planning for Lynley & Casey!

Cheers with Nanny!

The sweetest support from these friends. 

We love our LANCE & and miss him daily! 


Easter FUN!

Dress up at Ammie and Grumps with cousins 

Ashley came back for a visit! & Michael surprised me with a fun date night!


Kali turns 30! 

Did a lot of BABY praying! 


Off to the TR Ranch! 


Zoo fun

Summer TIME! 

Dads 60th

Happy 4th

10 years married- 17 years together

Showering this Mama to be! We're so glad we shower the Ferraris' early, 
because they had six days notice before they brought home their babies! 

Lake fun with Uncle Sean

DARE first PITCH! 

Family time at the Mane Gait Carnival

Love my Afton lunches! 

We did a lot of swimming and dancing!

Friend fun


cousin lunches

Sweet little flower girls for our favorite Sydney

Celebrating a new business venture! 

Popsicles with friends

& lots of swimming with besties

beachin' with Meredith & Janene (Angi had just left)


Birthday fun 

besties came to visit

Prosper Parade


Happy Birthday H&L! 

ERIKA is in town!!! 

SOLO playdates with lala! Took her about 8 hrs to get through all the girls 

SUCH a fun night at the Mane Gait Gala in Prosper with Angi! 

Live music date night! 

Saying hi to Aunt Lynley

We love our Uncle Lance bears! 

picking out our Christmas tree

Merry Christmas 

Christmas 2017!

2017 was a blast! We walked up hills, down valleys and jumped hurdles and grew closer as a family.
 I'd say personally, that I learned that greater faith requires understanding very little but trusting very much.
 This was something I clung to often in 2017!   

 In 2017, we took a huge leap of faith with a new opportunity for our family & are praying the Lord is going to bless this leap and carry us with lots of joy along the journey! More to come on this leap SOON.