Chapter 83: 9 month picture dump!

The past 9 months with these two have been the most enjoyable 9 months of our lives! 
Enjoy a few pictures of our two littles. 

Hello little bottoms! 

 Hadley yawning! 

Hadley loves her pointer fingers! :) They are consistently in her mouth! 

Check out those lashes! 

 Silly little lips!

Playing on Mommy and Daddy's bed!

Have a great end to your week everyone! 


Chapter 82: 9 months

Hadley McKee
Weight: 16lbs. 15.5oz 11%tile
Height:  28 1/2in  81%tile (hello tall baby)
Feedings:  5 bottles (6-7oz)
Clothing: 9-12 month onesies 
Sleeping: 7:30pm-7:00am 
Napping: 3 times a day (30min-1hr)
We are working on moving you to two naps a day! 
Size 3 diapers

Teeth: 5
You are a crawler!

Layton Aaron
Weight: 18 lbs. 1oz.  37%tile 
Height: 28in 66%tile
Feedings: 5 bottles (6-8oz)  

Clothing: 12 month onesies

Sleeping: 7:30pm-7:00am
Napping: 3 times a day (30min-1hr)

We are working on moving you to two naps a day! 
Size 3 diapers

Teeth: 2

Wow, a lot has happened while you were both growing out of your 8 month little selves. We moved into our new house. Baby talk is in full force. AND -hello- moving babies! 
Speaking of moving--You both seem to love the carpet in the living room. It is much easier on your little knees. (a heads when you tomple over!) 
Mommy and Daddy have been married for 6 years!! I pray that you will find a man to marry like your Daddy!! 

I love sleep.. and so do you! Not much has changed from last month. You both go down around 7pm and wake up between 6:30-7am. You're great little sleepers. We are slowly moving you from three naps to two naps.

Yum...You love eating baby food! Yum- yum! Our pediatrician has said that we can start giving you small pieces of soft table foods! You still love puffs for snacks!

Activity Time
We have a crawler/scooter! Hadley is officially on the move. She is also standing up on the edge of furniture!  She loves being mobile so she can get anything she wants. Yesterday, I walked into the girls nursery and there she was standing... while holding onto the edge of her crib. UH OH! You both love to read magazines.. (or rip the pages out!)You both love to play peak a boo, patty cake, sing songs, read books, walks with Mom and Dad, and pool dates. 

The girls are slowly adding little chompers to their sweet little mouths. Hadley has 5 teeth. Layton has 2 teeth. We are excited to start giving the girls small pieces of BIG girl foods.  The girls love to swing. We have a door way bouncer... yet, our doorway is too tall. Therefore, we now have a jumper swing.  The girls had their first experience with swimming pools this month. They love baths, Therefore, I had a feeling they would love pools, too. 
Yup- they sure do! 

Gosh- you are twins, yet you are so different! 
Layton, you are still happy and laid back as ever...and very content in most situations. Hadley, you have started expressing your opinions more and really letting us know what you like or don't like. Hadley girl, you LOVE to be in arms. My favorite thing about you is picking you up from naps. You look up at us with this precious little face and giggle through a closed mouth. It's hard to explain, I'll show you one day! Layton, you still are a ball of giggles and give out grins ALL THE TIME. Your kisses are the most adorable thing ever. You stick out your tongue. Gosh- you are both so cute! 

You are GREAT babies. I take you with me everywhere! People always ask me, "Isn't that hard? What if one of them cries?" You are great! Knock on wood.. It's been 9 months and you haven't had a break down in public. 

God blessed us! You r-e-a-l-l-y are fabulous little ones. Happy 9 months my sweet little pumpkins. We love you so much we can hardly explain it in words. The amount of kisses that we give you daily is unexplainable.  You mean so much to us. 
We love you! 
Mommy and Daddy  


Chapter 81: Happy 4th of July

Our neighborhood had a 4th of July breakfast/parade! We started the day off with a walk and then headed to Gram and Grumps for lunch and swimming fun! The girls had a great time! Tonight, Michael and I will be sitting on our back porch with drinks (and the baby monitor) in hand. We are hoping to see a few fireworks from our home. Tomorrow morning we will head to the Fox Family Lake home for more fun in the sun. We hope everyone enjoyed celebrating America's Independence Day!  

Here's a collage of our day.