{Ally Ann: 4 months!}

God knew we needed you!  
Yep, he sure did!

I have the sweetest connection with this little girl. A connection that is so special. 

Ally Ann is the perfect baby to be called a little sister. She is toted around daily and does so well having two big sisters who are constantly on the GO! {to read about twins at 4 months click, here!}

{Ally Ann details} 
Weight: 12lbs 10oz
Height: 24 1/4 inches
Naps: 10am and 1pm (sometimes a cat nap around 5)
Night time: HELLO four month sleep regression. You, sweet little one, are waking up OFTEN. You don't take a pacifier or thumb to sleep, so self soothing is tricky, tricky!
 I will sleep one day... just not today. 
Play: You're rolling over everywhere! And love to sit in your bouncer for a few minutes each day.  

You are still nursing every 2/3 hours and we are excited to start trying rice cereal in a week or so!

All in all, you are growing and doing wonderful! 
We love you!


Potty Training Twins!

We're going on our second week of potty training over here at the Tennison Home!

I, like many I'm sure, was super anxious about potty training. With a new born and TWO to potty train the task just kept getting pushed further back on my to-do list. I was SO nervous to start. I must honestly say that this was one of my top hardest Motherhood items to conquer! Staying locked up inside for 3+ days just sounded miserable. All that know me, know that we like to venture out at least once a day. When I noticed that our weekends were quickly filling... we decided it was time!

I have been told by MANY Mommas about the Three Day Method for potty training. I did some research, purchased a few items and then we gave it a try! 

{target shopping list}
Here was my list... below is what I purchased (and truly needed/used)

4 large towels, lots of panties, special new water cups, gummies and m&m's for reinforcing great potty behavior, flushable wipes (for #2), step stools, portable potty, seat with handles for the potty, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, juice & popsicles (which are special treats at our house!!) and a fun new Mini Mouse game for when we are losing our minds from being locked in doors for three days! 
{oh and maybe some wine for after the kidos went to bed.. :)}

My good friend, Meredith, shared with me some wonderful tips that helped tremendously! {head on over to her Twin Talk Blog to read lots of great ideas!!} This towel idea was one of them. We have been fortunate to not have any accidents on the furniture, thus far! 

Great tip: hang dresses and shirts in the laundry room- enough for 5 days! Easy to grab!

I also made my first day a half day. This is not what the books suggests... but, it worked for us! I spent the morning of the first day prepping them and the house. We practice pulling up and taking down our panties. We looked at our treats and got our new special water cups filled with water (ready to go!) They also helped set everything up in the bathroom. All of this got them excited to start after naps! 

Step stools, books for reading while going (#2), extra panties for when an accident happens, flushable wipes & a toilet seat with handles! 


I cleared out an area in our trunk for on the go stops! 
And on the go it went... on day four we ventured down the road to the neighborhood park. Potty in tow! No accidents! 
Ally Ann was a great cheerleader for the twins! 

We lived in t-shirts and panties for three days straight! After each potty success we danced, sang and cheered for one another. (me included!) 
 The picture below was after a potty success- they were excited to pick out their treat! Every 15 minutes I would remind the girls, "Let me know when it's time to go!" This puts them in charge and it also lets them take the credit for success. Even though I was guiding them to need to go try... it was still helpful! Over all, I would say that Day 2 was the most difficult- but, as the book says, "Don't give up!" Stay consistent! I would agree, completely! 

Treats only caught their attention for the first day! After that, treats were not a motivator for them. All children are different, right? I, personally, would have held onto the treats longer. 

 Nursing her baby :) 

Outside play!

Traveling away from our home made me nervous- but, we have yet to have an accident! 
Way to go girls! 

Park play dates, ballet class (hugs with Casey) and backyard fun at Merediths! 
Potty accidents = 0! 
Twins for the win!

Swimming at the lake for the fourth of July!

 Yes, I brought swimsuits, but after dinner the girls decided they wanted to go swimming, again! 
So, they jumped in with their panties on. 

At the park! (with backwards shoes!)

Some may call me crazy potty training TWINS (solo- hubby was out of town) and then heading out of town for 4th of July fun. BUT, we did it! It took patience and practice. Layton caught on quickest with just 2 accidents and Hadley took an addition day to grasp the concept! They are in diapers for nap time and bed time. We will conquer that closer to age three! 

All in all, I am so proud of the twins! They did great! My two biggest takeaways with potty training are:
 1. patience and 2. praise

Next post... how potty training has made me a better Momma.

Potty Seat  $9.99