Thanksgiving 2015

I'll praise you in this storm... we keep moving on!

 One step before the other.  
Holidays without Lance are terrible. But, we have these sweet, precious girls to watch grow before our eyes. No matter if we have bad days or good, our hands and eyes are lifted to You. 

You gave us life, this life, and our girls lives.... and for that, we are grateful. 
What I keep reminding myself, and Michael of is that 
'grateful' doesn't mean that we can't hurt, cry, or morn. 

So, with that... We had a thankful Thanksgiving.  
Stilling praising You in our storm. 

We back porched painted! 

We hosted Thanksgiving for our Life Group from church. Those that know me, know I LOVE to host. Decorating the tables was so much fun. We went simple! Paper plates, plastic forks, and everyone brought a side! In the dining room I did white and tan as the "table look" and in the kitchen I added the color orange & green. 

{Dinning Room}
I wrote everyones name with black marker on the craft paper. Super easy/simple. I thought it turned out pretty cute!   

{Kitchen Table} 

 I used corks to mark the place setting at this table! 

We celebrated Thanksgiving lunch with my parents/family and then went over to Michaels parents home for dinner that night. We were stuffed! 

Cousin love... and those piggies! 

Grocery shopping in Lala and Poppas backyard 

Ally Ann- we love you sweet girl! And Poppa loves kissing those sweet cheeks. Next year, you'll be running around with your sisters and cousins.  

Aunt Lissa & Uncle Sean
Hayes (1month)  & Raylyn (2.5)

Kid table 

lounging with lots of laughter

Aunt Lynley & Casey

Lynley, Aunt Jill, Mom, Melissa

LaLa and Hadley looking at something exciting!
Poppa got a good workout with bear rides back and forth.  

We had a very yummy Thanksgiving! 

Halloween 2015

The week before Halloween we pumpkin patched and road on tractors! 
(those noted tractors...didn't move... best of both worlds, right?)
Those piggies... that smile! 

9 months

3 years

Our princess' and cupcake! 

Hugs on Halloween! 
We hope you enjoyed lots of candy--
The Tennison's