And a baby makes 5! {capturing a glimpse of our life!}

Playing with Daddy at Snug on the McKinney Square! 

I few months back, I was tagged by a friend on Instagram as the Company- Milk Snob was looking for a Momma with a newborn to snap some nursing images using their new products for their website. I have never modeled before and told Melanie that I was happy to TRY, but wasn't sure if she would get anything that she liked. :)  She asked if we could take some with the big girls too as that would make things more comfortable. 
(and by golly, they are pretty darn cute!) 

We brought snacks, books and daddy got everyone ice cream. We sat and played and Melanie snapped pictures. I will forever cherish these images. To some, these may be awkward due to me nursing, but to me, it shows this time period of our life and I couldn't be more proud of a Momma. 

I love these girls sooooo much! And I love that these pictures completely display each of their personalities along with the craziness of our life. 

Hadley kissing Ally Ann

Layton singing The Wheels on the Bus, while Hadley turns the pages.

Reading with Momma 

me and my sweet girl

This picture captures the beauty of being a Mom in public. 
Was it different and awkward to nurse the first few times in public, YES.  And I'm pretty modest. 
BUT, I've gotten over that really quick! AND this adorable nursing cover has helped!  

Our sweet littlest, Ally Ann! 

Our precious twins, Hadley and Layton! How are they almost 3??? 

Side Note: I wrote about my struggle nursing the twins over here on Twin Talk Blog and then compared it to the success with Ally Ann. If nursing didn't come easy to you with your first pregnancy- please, don't rule it out for your second. Email, call or text me!
 I'd love to chat and be your biggest supporter!!


Ally Ann at 5&6 months

Paging Miss Personality....
Oh, there she is- smiling, talking and giggling to anyone who will speak to her! 
 5 months

These six months with you have been an absolute blast!

You sleep: on your back, side, and belly! :) 
You roll: everywhere
You drink: 5/6 nursing periods and have a sippy cup of water that you mostly play with after lunch and dinner!
You eat: pureed foods {you have tried and love: sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas, and carrots}
You sleep: 7pm-7am! :) Praise the Lord! We did a few nights of sleep training and now you sleep like a champ. 
Teeth: none at the moment- but they look like they will be popping up soon!
You are working on sitting on your own.

6 months old! 

We love you Ally Ann!! 

Preschool 2015-2016

I was so excited for them to go and now I'm sitting here missing them like crazy and can't wait to go pick them up!! 

Ally Ann is sleeping and I'm enjoying a late breakfast, coffee and getting back into blogging! 
We've been on a summer blog break.

Happy Fall Y'all! 

{2015-16 preschool pictures}

I love these two littles! 
and I love even more that they have each other. 


always a prayer...

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a Mama. It was more of a wish and prayer.
 A blessing that I yearned and couldn't wait for. 

However, my plan wasn't Gods plan and so waiting and praying for them took longer than expected.  It was great to just do life with Michael and we will always cherish those years. But, man. We were ready to have littles! 
And after lots of prayers- they came along. 
Those faces, though! Precious, right?!?!
Back to wanting to be a momma. Can I just be real and honest for a second.  A GIRL Mom... A girl Momma was what I truly prayed and prayed for. I wanted ruffles, dresses, big bows, ballet class, momma's little shoppers, someone to go with me to get my nails done... gosh, the list could go on.
 It truly was always a hope and dream. 

God has a sense of humor. 
Three beautiful girls later and I LOVE it! 

Maybe. Just maybe God will bless us with another. Maybe we'll get our baseball player??  I can totally rock being a #boymom!
(or ballerinas who play in rocks and dirt!)

We'll take some time and just enjoy the heck out of these girls. 

Ally Ann (5/6 months) Hadley and Layton (almost 3!) 

I wanted to document this stage of our life. 
Because A. they're so darn cute. and B. it's exactly what I dreamed of. 

Gosh, there are no words that can show the thankfulness that we have for 
these three bow wearing, ballet dancing, doll playing girls!