And a baby makes 5! {capturing a glimpse of our life!}

Playing with Daddy at Snug on the McKinney Square! 

I few months back, I was tagged by a friend on Instagram as the Company- Milk Snob was looking for a Momma with a newborn to snap some nursing images using their new products for their website. I have never modeled before and told Melanie that I was happy to TRY, but wasn't sure if she would get anything that she liked. :)  She asked if we could take some with the big girls too as that would make things more comfortable. 
(and by golly, they are pretty darn cute!) 

We brought snacks, books and daddy got everyone ice cream. We sat and played and Melanie snapped pictures. I will forever cherish these images. To some, these may be awkward due to me nursing, but to me, it shows this time period of our life and I couldn't be more proud of a Momma. 

I love these girls sooooo much! And I love that these pictures completely display each of their personalities along with the craziness of our life. 

Hadley kissing Ally Ann

Layton singing The Wheels on the Bus, while Hadley turns the pages.

Reading with Momma 

me and my sweet girl

This picture captures the beauty of being a Mom in public. 
Was it different and awkward to nurse the first few times in public, YES.  And I'm pretty modest. 
BUT, I've gotten over that really quick! AND this adorable nursing cover has helped!  

Our sweet littlest, Ally Ann! 

Our precious twins, Hadley and Layton! How are they almost 3??? 

Side Note: I wrote about my struggle nursing the twins over here on Twin Talk Blog and then compared it to the success with Ally Ann. If nursing didn't come easy to you with your first pregnancy- please, don't rule it out for your second. Email, call or text me!
 I'd love to chat and be your biggest supporter!!

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