Chapter 35- L-O-V-E

What would your definition of "love" be? 
 I'm not sure how to explain the definition that comes to mind when I look at our two little girls! There just doesn't seem to be words. As they each grow we find new things to love about their personalities.
Hadley- you make the most precious facial expressions. Today you were making "kissy" lips.  I ran to get my camera, but back to sleep you were when I returned.
Layton- I love waking you up. (and watching you sleep) You kick and squirm and make me want to eat you up!
As you both grow we have a few wishes for each of you!

We wish that you: 
*Love our Father and look to him at all times
*Are always be happy
*Strive to be your best
*Know how much you are loved
*Adore your sister
*Respect your elders
*Show wonderful manner's
*Love on your Daddy and Mommy
*Give lots of kisses
*Bless others with kindness and compassion
*Model a faith that you learn as you grow
*Make wonderful friends
*Honor your mother and father :)
*Volunteer and support others
*Enjoy each day
*Cherish your friends and family
All in all, we can't keep our hands off of you. We are looking forward to the day when you are crawling, walking, and talking. Yet, we don't want you to grow up just yet. Stay little!
We love you!

1 John 4:7

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.


  1. Perfectly said.... treasure these memories.

  2. This was exactly how your mama and daddy raised you Kees girls! You are all such sweet, wonderful, caring individuals and I know that will carry through to all of your own children as well.