Tennison's take on the Beach 2014!

I've been a little MIA over here in blog world these past few weeks! Sorry friends! We have been one busy family. As you can tell from the picture above, the Tennison family traveled to the beach! We had so much fun with the twins. They had a great time building in the sand, watching and running after the birds, and splashing in the water on the deck. What a great trip!! 
 H&L did wonderful on the ten hour car ride down and back. We were very impressed! 
(leaving in the middle of the night was such a great idea!) 

Each day we woke up and enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the porch. We threw on our swimming suits and headed down to the beach. Lunch was typically made and brought down to the beach by someone who was up at the house. Each family cooked one night so dinners were home made and delicious! We also went to lunch and dinner out a few times while we were there. LuLu's was a hit, once again! I love the large area with sand and toys for the kids and the live band.  The evening before the last day, Mel & Sean, Casey & Lynley, and Michael & I went out on the town! First stop, Putt Putt. Lynley won! We then went to Florabama for a live band and a few drinks! We had such a fun time with family.

Here are a few pictures from our beach trip!
 Layton, Me, Hadley, Michael, Raylyn, Sean, Mel, Lynley, Dad, Casey, Mom

Holding my precious littles!

The twins enjoyed water on the beach. 
{While the adults made other fun fruity beach drinks} 

 Aunt Melissa "Lissa" and Uncle Sean worked out.

  We played in the sand. 

 Pappa and Layton watching us float.


 Mommy and Hadley watching to boats.

 Hadley McKee 19 months old 
Layton Aaron 19 months old 

 Aunt Lynley and  Casey
Dancing on the deck!

 Dad and Mom  {Poppa and LaLa}

 The Fox Family 

Group picture after Dinner at LuLu's