Chapter 5- The Passenger Seat

 Over the past two years I have learned (more so than others!) that you never truly have a choice in which direction God is going to take you. Yes, you do have choices in your daily decisions yet, who is your guide? We forget that this life that we are living has already been mapped out for us.  We rush through our daily duties counting down each week till the weekend. (at least I do!) I feel that over these past years I have learned that I need to sit more in the passenger seat and allow Him to drive! It's nice at times to just let go! 

I feel that faith is having trust in God.  It is less like following a GPS through a grid, but more like following a map driven by your heart.  I believe that God allows us to get lost to see how we choose to find our way! So- let go of the steering wheel, foot off the gas, take a deep breath and begin to let your faith in God do it's work in your life!  

Enjoy the scenery from the passenger seat!