Snow Day 2015

There aren't many words for this post! 
The joy in their faces tells its own story. 

March... snow in March! 
March 5th {to be exact} brought A LOT of snow. Daddy dressed the girls in many layers and out to play they went. I snapped a few pictures and had a blast watching these two snow bunnies enjoy the snow. 

Making snow balls

 Climb on sister!

Hadley LOVED making tummy snow angels! 

Here she goes... and there she goes! 

 More tummy snow angels 

Sledding fun


Happy Birthday, Ally Ann

We woke up to snow flurries and took our time getting ready before heading to the hospital. 
It was such a gorgeous morning to have a baby!  While we enjoyed our stay at Baylor McKinney, with Ally Ann, it continued to snow! We arrived at the hospital in snow and then left with our sweet Ally Ann in snow! 

Here are a few pictures that captured our story of delivery with our sweet baby girl!

Here we go!

Welcome, Ally Ann! 
6lbs 15oz
19 inches long

On Wednesday, we had a family day at the hospital, which was great! Our families were there once we came out of surgery and got to meet Ally Ann. After lunch, Denise and Steve brought the twins to the hospital. They ran into the hospital room excited to see Momma and Daddy and became a little confused that Momma wouldn't "get up!" They were a little nervous with Mommy's "uh oh's" (IV's in my hand/arm). On Thursday, the girls came back and instead of running in to see Mommy and Daddy, they ran in yelling, "BABY!" and "Ally Ann!" It has truly been a blast watching them fall in love with her each and every day.  Yes, I missed them while we were at the hospital, but, I knew they are having so much fun with our parents. 

Both of the girls gave little sister a kiss and hug before they left on Thursday.

Big sister lovin'

Big sister toys were a hit!

Ally Ann in front of our hospital room door.

Michael and I came home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon! We had time just the three of us to get settled and welcomed the twins home on Sunday evening. 
The delivery/healing the second time around has been much easier on my body. Thank you, Lord! Ally Ann has been a fabulous baby. She eats, sleeps and watches her sisters play. She has the sweetest little cry that would melt anyone's heart. Thankfully, we don't hear it often. I can't wait to write another blog post all about her. That's coming soon! 

leaving the hospital

Hadley and Layton are loving having Ally Ann in our home. The adjustment has gone smoother than we expected. They are being great little helpers and watching them become big sisters makes me love them even MORE than I already do. How is that possible?? 

Welcome Home, Ally Ann! We love you!