Chapter 71: Play Time/Sleep Time

Playtime with our girls is so much fun! I remember wondering, "When will they learn to play? Like REALLY play?" Well, that time is here! 6 months must be the magic play age. I love watching them roll around exploring new toys. 

H & L enjoy looking a books, holding rattles, moving balls, rolling around- which leads to kicking one another *it's kinda funny!*, and grabbing pretty much anything in sight! They are doing great with their fine motor skills.  They are able to transfer objects from one hand to the other. They are also both picking up larger items.They play so well now, which makes them extra tired, which leads to a great nap. 

Speaking of sleep. We have gone into full on sleep training mode. 
 The girls are doing great now that we tried the CIO method! {cry it out method} (Mastering the skill of falling back asleep on their own) 
Note: I was not on board with this method, but after many hours of research we decided to give it a try! It worked! I am now a CIO method advocate for parents who have tried it all!

 Yes, it was sad. Yes, I hated it. Yes, they did fall back asleep. And.... yes, I LOVE the 7pm-7am NO interrupted sleep for Mommy and Daddy! 
I do have to be honest in saying that it was hard on this Mommy. With the girls being so little and born a month early, I wanted to be 100% confident that they weren't waking up hungry. The girls don't suck their thumbs or even their fingers. So, it makes it hard for them to soothe themselves back to sleep.  Pacifiers? Well, they only use a pacifier to go down at 7pm (which falls out in about 10 minutes!) Therefore, it was tricky for them to learn how to soothe themselves back to sleep without a pacifier. They refuse to grab them themselves. It's like they don't realize they are in their cribs. Crazy girls. 

{Thank you for sleeping little ones}
We love it. They say this is one of the first Mommy/Daddy disciplines... It was hard, but the girls are learning! It's been successful. We have tried everything (I've spent HOURS researching EVERYTHING when it comes to sleep habits!) and CIO seems to be the only thing that has worked. Praise God! 

I always have the girls best interest at hand and while the 3 nights were hard, I am so thankful this worked.  
We have great little sleepers. 
The girls love to play!  
hi hadley

When you play too much... it leads to this: 



Chapter 69: Pardon the Mess...

My Mom got us this... how did she know?

I know the memories of our home looking like Baby R Us will one day end. Before we know it the swings and bouncers will get moved to the attic and play kitchens and toys will cover the floor. (Well, I plan on attempting to have baskets for the girls to place their toys.) Until that day comes, I wanted to share a few pictures of how our home looks. The good, bad, and the (ugly) toy world that it has become. Get ready... PS- if you aren't wanting children any time soon... stop reading now! For those that know me, having my house torn apart has been hard. I have become a little OCD with our kitchen. I want it spotless with nothing on the counters at all times. I like to think that's because it's the only place the girls can't run over with toys. I know.. I know.. the kitchen will soon become a fun place to play! 

Warning: Picture overload! 

Our living room now has two babies, two bouncer chairs, a swing, and two bouncy seats! We have moved the play mats to the office. Yup... it's crazy to say the least! 

Wanna come play with us? Yeah.. you know you want too!!  

 You each have your own swing. But, we moved one into your nursery.

 Your car seats are parked in the foyer.

We moved the play mats to the office. That gave us more room in the living room. You should have seen it when we had TWO swings and both play mats in the living room. That would give ya a good laugh!! OR a good cry when you try to run through it in the dark to attend to a crying baby and you jam your toe. Ouch is an understatement. I screamed along with Laylay!

 Meal time, yum! You eat in the green and pink bumbo chairs on our island.  I'm excited for you to move up to your adorable high chairs. Aren't they cute? You also love to watch Mommy clean the kitchen and Daddy cook. I love theses fabulous little seats. 

 Bath time has moved from the sink sling to this.. He's pretty cute!

You love to roll and kick the ball on this fun little mat! We are borrowing it from your cousin Raylyn until she is big enough to use it! Thanks, Rayray!

Our cabinets have become this... 

and drawers...

Our living room...

I spy Hadley


Our life as a family has changed... but, these two furry friends still love us none the less.

Sweet Sophie 

Hondo adores you both! He has yet to eat one of your toys. What a great big brother he is!

These memories will fade, this I know! But, I wanted them documented in pictures to watch them change as you both grow! 

Bring on the toys... 


Chapter 68: Wow..One Long Chapter Book

With each chapter that I write... this book/blog seems to just keep on growing! I can't wait to "publish it" after the girls turn one. Wait, 1?!? Let's just stop there.  Oh, how I want time to just freeze!! Last night, as I was getting up to pat one of the girls back to sleep, and I thought to myself, "Man, I am ready for the girls to stop waking up at night for a pacifier or back pat." But, then I thought to myself,  "When that does happen, the girls will be older.. and I don't want them to grow older!" Therefore, I don't mind patting their precious little backs! I have loved every stage the girls have been through. It has been so much fun! I love watching them grow each day. Yes, this will be one L-O-N-G chapter book but I am excited to be able to share it with the girls one day.

Hadley and Layton:
You are 6 months old! I can't believe it.  You are both the sweetest little girls.  As much as you are the same, you are also very different and I can't wait to see if your personalities will change as you grow older.

Your Mommy and Daddy had their first weekend away last weekend. We missed you terribly, but we knew you were having fun with your Grandparents while Mommy and Daddy were able to enjoy some time with friends and extra hours of sleep. I also ran errands with no time limit and dinner and drinks were an added bonus to the great weekend.

Today was beautiful. The sun was shinning, the windows were open, music was on.. so, I danced for you. You both just stared at me. I do have to add that I laughed at myself.. just a little! (let's hope no one was peeking through the window!)  Layton, you just smiled and smiled!! Hadley, you looked at me with the thought, "Mom.. stop, you are embarrassing me!" I had fun!

You are both working on sitting up on your own. I surround you with pillows. I do have to add that it is pretty humorous watching you s-l-o-w-l-y lean/fall different directions. Layton, I think you will sit on your own first and Hadley I think you will crawl first! You love to pull your knee's under your tummy! Hadley, you are a roller. You ROLL ALL OVER THE HOUSE! Literally, today you rolled from one side of the office to the other.  When I cheered for you, you smiled! I love your little grin! I don't get one as often as I do from Layton. So, when you give out that smile, it melts my heart into a million pieces. Man, I love you, two! Layton, you love to play with your toys, so you don't roll as much as Hadley! But, you too do great when you decide to.

God gave you one crazy (and I'd like to think fun) Momma... I feel blessed to get to raise you two precious little ones! He gave me one busy job... but, it's one job that I'll always be thankful for!

My view of the day...

Our office/play room! I spy diapers and wipes.. anyone else? 

Play time with Mommy!
 I sure love this view... 

 Hadley... looking out the window!

  Layton... reading a book! 

I Love You!


Chapter 67: 6 Months Old

Hadley and Layton: Two of a Kind! 
Well, kind of. Let's compare.

Hadley McKee

Weight:  13 lbs 13.5oz (14th percentile! little bitty thing!)
Height: 25 1/4in  (36th percentile) 
Vaccine:DTaP/ IPV/HIB and PCV13 (two pricks!)
Feedings: 2 bottles of Mom's milk / 3 bottles of formula (7-8oz)
Clothing: 6 month onesies (you can still wear 3 months, too)
-You are sleeping 7pm-6:30/7am
-Size 2 diapers 

Layton Aaron
Weight: 14 lbs 12oz (29 percentile) 
Height: 25 1/4in (36th percentile)
Feedings: 2 bottles of Mom's milk / 3 bottles of formula (7-8oz)
Vaccine: DTap/IPV/HIB and PCV13

Clothing: 6 month onesies
-You are sleeping 7pm-6:30/7am
-Size 2 diapers 

At 6 months both of you...
*Are on a good routine! I have tried to keep you on one since you were born. It's been pretty successful!
*You babble, coo, and talk ALL the time! I think you were having a conversation with one another yesterday. It was priceless!
*You love "Peek a Boo". I get giggles from you when I grab your bellies!
*You take three naps a day. (30min to 1 1/2hrs in length)
*You don't have the best balance, but are starting to sit on your own! 
*You are back "players" and tummy sleepers, who always are holding your little feet! When I place you on your belly to play you flip flop onto your backs!
*You let us know you're tired by rubbing your eyes and hungry by crying. :( A pacifier soothes you when you're tired.
*Sweet potatoes are your favorite big girl food! *besides milk! :) We have also tried: peas, carrots, and apples. I thought you would love apples. NOT so much! 
*If I leave you on the floor to play and walk away, when I come back and you both have moved to a different location on the blanket. You are little scooters/rollers!
*You go to sleep at night with ease. Bath, bottle, bed! 
*You both still love bath time. Me too!
*You are reaching for toys and holding them in your little hands. *We are working on your fine motor skills by holding onto those stinkin' little pacifiers. 
*You love STORY time. I use fun voices and you both enjoy looking at the pictures. Get ready girls... your Momma used to be a Kindergarten teacher. Books will always be in your hands. 
*You recognize your furry sister and brother and you don't seem to mind when Hondo kisses you! Hondo is obsessed with you two! He follows us everywhere. Neither Hondo or Sophie take your toys. They somehow know they belong to you. Very weird and sweet at the same time. 
*You enjoy runs with your Momma and Daddy. 
*You love to watch Mommy and Daddy cook in your Bumbo chairs. You look too cute sitting in them!
**You are similar in many ways!**

How are you different?

{Layton Aaron}
*You are harder to put to sleep during the day. I think you just want to stay up and play! 
You sleep best on your belly, but flop to your back (normally waking yourself up.) You too love to hold onto a your "lovie" blanket when you sleep. You have started taking a new type of pacifier that stays better in your mouth for naps and bedtime. 
*I think your little thighs get in the way of your feet reaching your mouth. You sure love to pull on those toes!  
*You really could care less about standing and to be honest, I love it... stay little. 
*When you play with toys your legs lay flat on the ground, unless you are grabbing your toes! 
*You SMILE all the time. I get compliments often about your precious smile and those killer blue eyes. 
*You are one happy little girl! 

{Hadley McKee} 
*Pat, pat, pat... out! zzzzzzzz...zzzzzzzz
*When you sleep you turn your head to the right and love to hold onto your "lovie" blanket or "wubbanub" pacifier.
*Your little hands are always "praying". It's precious! 
*Your toes can reach your mouth! (yuck!) 
*When you are playing with toys you keep your legs bent with your knees pulled to your chest.
*When laying on your belly, you are moving your legs up to the crawling position. 
*You still LOVE to stand and always have.
*You make grunting noises when you are going potty. It's funny!
*You love to spit.  You blow air through your little lips and get your chin and onsie all wet! We love it! 
*You have learned that if you whimper... Mommy will pick you up. NOT okay, missy!
*You have started the back bend thing when you get upset. But, I can't quite figure out what it means... hmmm. I think it's funny. You are going to be our little drama queen.
*Your tears kill me! 100% awful!

You both are God's GREATEST gifts to us!
We love you to the moon and back.
I'll have your letters from Mommy ready on another day... 
Love you two precious little ones (gosh... SO much!)


Chapter 66: Sleep? Yes, Please!


January- 3 months

The girls have done very well with their sleep patterns since they were born! We feel very blessed. Since they were born they both ate, played, slept! When they came home from the hospital they were on a 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2am, 6am schedule! It was fabulous as they never budged from this schedule. (Shhh.. I know, that was every four hrs, but HEY, it worked for them and for us! And the girls were gaining weight, so we were okay with it) This continued on and eventually they started to eat every three hours during the day and stretching our their night feedings. (Note: Feb. 12th)
February- 4months

Around four months they dropped to one night feeding and at five months old they started sleeping through the night and dropped the night time feeding altogether. MAN, that was great!!! Here is our little problem. Pacifiers! Now, I know, I know, it's better then them sucking their thumb! (I don't want to have to break that habit!) They only have their pacifiers when they are napping/sleeping in their cribs or when they ride in their car seats. We really try to keep them as a "put to sleep soother". And man,  SOOTH, they do. The girls just love their little "soothies".  

March- 5 months 

Now, like I said, since three months of age, the girls have been sleeping from 7pm-7am. At five months they started waking up around 4am/5am for their pacifiers. Some nights up to 3-5 times. Others only once. They do go back to sleep after a few pats and a diaper change. But, I sure would love for them to be able to find those suckers (literally) and place them back in their own mouths! When does this happen??  

April- 6 months 

Tip from a friend: Cry it Out! We tried the Cry it Out Method- and man, that was hard. I really don't know if it really has helped the girls all that much. I think I may have spoiled them by going back in to sooth them with their pacifiers. Any other tips out there?? I feel bad complaining about our pacifier issues, when I know some parents are dealing with worse little sleepers, (Some may be thinking.. come to my house and you won't sleep at all!) but, I'll take any tips I can get! Come on, girls. Help a Momma, out! :)  

Speaking of sleep??
 The girls are staying with their Grandparents this weekend and guess who is sleeping.. ALOT? ME!!  This will be their first weekend away from us. I know they will be perfect little angels. :) Tehehe! 
Good Luck LaLa & Poppa and Gram & Grumps!


Chapter 65: Happy Easter

Happy Easter!! 

I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating with your family. 
I can't wait to teach the girls about the true meaning of Easter, the celebration of the resurrection of Christ three days after His crucifixion. 

Easter reminds me that no matter what happens in our life, no matter how many mistakes we make, Jesus came to do for us what we couldn't do for ourself- and that is to save us. He did that in his death and resurrection. What a wonderful feeling!!

On Saturday evening, we enjoyed church and dinner with Michael's parents and Lance and Haley. Then, on Easter Sunday evening, we went to church and had dinner with the my Mom and Dad, Melissa, Sean and Lynley. 

 The girls wore their sweet bracelets Mom gave them to church!

First Easter egg hunt at the Knight's home 
McKinney, Tx

 Easter Sunday
Coppell, TX
Lala, Hadley, Layton, and Poppa

Daddy and Layton 

{The Easter Bunny, Easter Baskets, and Egg Hunts will be such fun traditions for our little girls!} 

Happy Easter! 
The Tennison Family 


Chapter 64: Baby Dedication

The girls baby dedication was great. The girls did wonderful and were happy during the entire church service and dinner. We had around thirty people over after the ceremony to enjoy fellowship and dinner. It was a wonderful night and we felt so blessed to be surround by our loved ones. Unfortunately, for the first time ever.. I deleted the pictures off of my camera before uploading them to my computer. Yup... the dedication ones were the photos that I hadn't uploaded just yet! I am so upset. UPSET! I thought that when I uploaded the pictures of the girls that I took last Tuesday morning, that the dedication pictures uploaded, too. Well, they didn't. I fortunately have a few that I can share of decorations that were still up in our home! I snapped a few pictures to share!  I am so upset. I guess I'll put the girls back in their sweet outfits and take a few pictures, but for now here are a few of the decorations... still devastated..

The sweet secretary from our church, Hope Fellowship, sent us this one when I called in tears! 

These two are from my Mom's camera!  
Hugging out sweet Pastor! John McKinzie

Praying over our sweet girls!

Home Decor (that I still had up)

Cross cookies as party favors. Each cookie had one of their monograms on them.

Sweet little bible verses with a matching prayer

Just a few flowers here and there

Close up of the prayers for our sweet girls in the entry way

Precious bibles as gifts! THANK YOU! 

baby rattles and rosaries 

sweet little twin figurines with monogramed bibles! 

dessert.. yum! 

 pictures of our sweet girls
 Sweet little monogrammed baby cups! Thank you, Abadies! 

Entry way

Invitation that was sent to family and friends!

 Uncle Sean and Aunt Melissa,

  Take my little hand
Hold it as I grow
Teach me of His love
And all that love bestows
Keep me in your prayers
And your tender care
Guide me in my faith
Encourage me to share
I know that I am blessed
Your my gift from above
My Angel here on earth
Godparents you are loved! 

Hadley McKee

Uncle Lance and Aunt Haley,

Take my little hand
Hold it as I grow
Teach me of His love
And all that love bestows
Keep me in your prayers
And your tender care
Guide me in my faith
Encourage me to share
I know that I am blessed
Your my gift from above
My Angel here on earth
Godparents you are loved! 

Layton Aaron