Chapter 71: Play Time/Sleep Time

Playtime with our girls is so much fun! I remember wondering, "When will they learn to play? Like REALLY play?" Well, that time is here! 6 months must be the magic play age. I love watching them roll around exploring new toys. 

H & L enjoy looking a books, holding rattles, moving balls, rolling around- which leads to kicking one another *it's kinda funny!*, and grabbing pretty much anything in sight! They are doing great with their fine motor skills.  They are able to transfer objects from one hand to the other. They are also both picking up larger items.They play so well now, which makes them extra tired, which leads to a great nap. 

Speaking of sleep. We have gone into full on sleep training mode. 
 The girls are doing great now that we tried the CIO method! {cry it out method} (Mastering the skill of falling back asleep on their own) 
Note: I was not on board with this method, but after many hours of research we decided to give it a try! It worked! I am now a CIO method advocate for parents who have tried it all!

 Yes, it was sad. Yes, I hated it. Yes, they did fall back asleep. And.... yes, I LOVE the 7pm-7am NO interrupted sleep for Mommy and Daddy! 
I do have to be honest in saying that it was hard on this Mommy. With the girls being so little and born a month early, I wanted to be 100% confident that they weren't waking up hungry. The girls don't suck their thumbs or even their fingers. So, it makes it hard for them to soothe themselves back to sleep.  Pacifiers? Well, they only use a pacifier to go down at 7pm (which falls out in about 10 minutes!) Therefore, it was tricky for them to learn how to soothe themselves back to sleep without a pacifier. They refuse to grab them themselves. It's like they don't realize they are in their cribs. Crazy girls. 

{Thank you for sleeping little ones}
We love it. They say this is one of the first Mommy/Daddy disciplines... It was hard, but the girls are learning! It's been successful. We have tried everything (I've spent HOURS researching EVERYTHING when it comes to sleep habits!) and CIO seems to be the only thing that has worked. Praise God! 

I always have the girls best interest at hand and while the 3 nights were hard, I am so thankful this worked.  
We have great little sleepers. 
The girls love to play!  
hi hadley

When you play too much... it leads to this: 

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