Chapter 26: Twin Talk

 How Far Along: We made it to the 34 week mark! 

Size of Babies: Baby A is 3lbs 14oz and Baby B is 4lb 9oz! 

What You’re Doing this week: I started out the week by taking Christmas photos for the Este's Family. They wanted to get them in early as Hadley and Layton will be arriving soon. :) After church on Sunday, Michael worked in the yard and organized/threw away MANY boxes from the garage. As he has unpacked gifts from the girls baby showers we have accumulated/our garage has been overtaken with many boxes. This week I am taking it easy. :) I am going with a few friends to get a pedicure tomorrow afternoon and then to my women's bible study tomorrow night.  The rest of the week I'll be hanging out at home with Sophie and Hondo on the couch. They love having their Momma home. I may venture out in search for a lamp for the girls nursery on Wednesday or Thursday. Today, we went to our 34 week check up with our twin doctor.  It went great. I will go back on Friday to see my Ob/Gyn! 

Cravings: Nothing particular! 

Sleep: I am sleeping as much as possible :)

New News:  The girls nursery is done.  This was such a great feeling as I know with twins, they can (and will) come early!  The house is also baby ready and my to-do list is dwindling down.  I am looking forward to having the house deep cleaned in the next week or two.  

Names: Layton Aaron and Hadley McKee 

Fetal Movement: Lots of movement, which is good. I felt their first round of hiccups this weekend. Saturday night we went to Top Golf with friends. We had a great time and the twins really seemed to enjoy it.  :) While at Top Golf Baby B had the hiccups and I felt them for the first time.  I have watched both girls have them when watching them on the sonogram machine, yet we have never had the chance to feel them from my belly! WE DID! My girlfriends, Lindsey and Kali got to feel them as well. It was such an amazing feeling. Being pregnant has been so much fun! Isn't it amazing how God is creating and building these sweet little girls? I can't wait to meet them! 

Mommy and Baby Details:  No bed rest... I am afraid if I say this too loud it will come true! At today's appointment both of the girls looked great. Baby B weighs more then Baby A- yet, this has been the case for the past month, so no new news there. Both of their fluid levels and movements were awesome! I recorded their heart beats on my phone today. It is such a precious sound and I wanted to have it documented incase they arrive early.  

Daddy Details: I think he is ready. I won't speak for him... but, he seems prepared.  This past week we went to a Baby 101 course at the hospital, where the girls will be born, and he mastered diaper changing and bathing like a champ! He will be such a great Daddy, I just know it!   

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