Chapter 23- Twin Talk

How Far Along: 33 weeks!! Measuring at 38 weeks (if I had a singleton baby!)   

Size of Babies: Baby A is 3lbs 7oz and Baby B is 3lbs 14oz! 
What You’re Doing this week: We have a busy week!! Our chair for the nursery came in over the weekend! YAY- Michael will be picking it up tomorrow. :) I will be finishing the nursery and packing our hospital bags! One for me.. and one for the girls! :) My friend Becky is coming over to help paint a little something in the girl's nursery *pictures to come! I have started a womens bible study that takes place each Tuesday night and a MOP's group (Moms of Pre-schoolers-basically birth-preschool mom's).  In the MOP'S Group, we meet every other Wednesday for fellowship, lunch, and a craft. I have LOVED it thus far!  Lastly, we will be hosting our Life Group from our Church at our home this Thursday night for food and fellowship! Busy, busy... but fun! We need to get in as much adult interaction as possible before our lives become BABY, BABY, BABY!  

Cravings: Nothing particular! (thankfully, right?? I am guessing this is how pregnant momma's put on weight!) 
Sleep: I am sleeping as much as possible :)

New News:  We had a wonderful baby shower last weekend! My Grandma's as well as Michael's were all in attendance! We had 4 Great Grandmas and 2 Grandmas in attendance.  I never knew my Great Grandmas and Hadley and Layton will have 4! The baby shower was everything I could have ever dreamed of and more.  The decorations were PERFECT! They did a "nest" theme.  All of my closest friends and family members were there. These two angels are set!  
Names: Layton Aaron and Hadley McKee 
Fetal Movement: Baby B made a switch-a-roo in her placement! She used to be breach (feet down), but in the last three weeks she switched and is now head down next to Baby A! Instead of kicking each other in the face, they can now give one another kisses! They move all of the time- especially at night. 
Mommy and Baby Details:  All three of us are doing great according to the doctors! Both of the girls have gained weight since their last check up, which is wonderful! Each week we check their movement, breathing, heart rates, and size.  Each time that I arrive I get nervous that they are going to say the....dun dun dun words BED REST. But, as of this past Friday we are showing no signs of this! WAHOO!  

Daddy Details: I personally think Michael is ready for the girls to get here so I am not out spending money each day! :) He seems to be ready! He mentioned that he is excited about hunting season to finally be here.... little does he know that he won't be hunting that much.  He's crazy... :)  

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