Chapter 67: 6 Months Old

Hadley and Layton: Two of a Kind! 
Well, kind of. Let's compare.

Hadley McKee

Weight:  13 lbs 13.5oz (14th percentile! little bitty thing!)
Height: 25 1/4in  (36th percentile) 
Vaccine:DTaP/ IPV/HIB and PCV13 (two pricks!)
Feedings: 2 bottles of Mom's milk / 3 bottles of formula (7-8oz)
Clothing: 6 month onesies (you can still wear 3 months, too)
-You are sleeping 7pm-6:30/7am
-Size 2 diapers 

Layton Aaron
Weight: 14 lbs 12oz (29 percentile) 
Height: 25 1/4in (36th percentile)
Feedings: 2 bottles of Mom's milk / 3 bottles of formula (7-8oz)
Vaccine: DTap/IPV/HIB and PCV13

Clothing: 6 month onesies
-You are sleeping 7pm-6:30/7am
-Size 2 diapers 

At 6 months both of you...
*Are on a good routine! I have tried to keep you on one since you were born. It's been pretty successful!
*You babble, coo, and talk ALL the time! I think you were having a conversation with one another yesterday. It was priceless!
*You love "Peek a Boo". I get giggles from you when I grab your bellies!
*You take three naps a day. (30min to 1 1/2hrs in length)
*You don't have the best balance, but are starting to sit on your own! 
*You are back "players" and tummy sleepers, who always are holding your little feet! When I place you on your belly to play you flip flop onto your backs!
*You let us know you're tired by rubbing your eyes and hungry by crying. :( A pacifier soothes you when you're tired.
*Sweet potatoes are your favorite big girl food! *besides milk! :) We have also tried: peas, carrots, and apples. I thought you would love apples. NOT so much! 
*If I leave you on the floor to play and walk away, when I come back and you both have moved to a different location on the blanket. You are little scooters/rollers!
*You go to sleep at night with ease. Bath, bottle, bed! 
*You both still love bath time. Me too!
*You are reaching for toys and holding them in your little hands. *We are working on your fine motor skills by holding onto those stinkin' little pacifiers. 
*You love STORY time. I use fun voices and you both enjoy looking at the pictures. Get ready girls... your Momma used to be a Kindergarten teacher. Books will always be in your hands. 
*You recognize your furry sister and brother and you don't seem to mind when Hondo kisses you! Hondo is obsessed with you two! He follows us everywhere. Neither Hondo or Sophie take your toys. They somehow know they belong to you. Very weird and sweet at the same time. 
*You enjoy runs with your Momma and Daddy. 
*You love to watch Mommy and Daddy cook in your Bumbo chairs. You look too cute sitting in them!
**You are similar in many ways!**

How are you different?

{Layton Aaron}
*You are harder to put to sleep during the day. I think you just want to stay up and play! 
You sleep best on your belly, but flop to your back (normally waking yourself up.) You too love to hold onto a your "lovie" blanket when you sleep. You have started taking a new type of pacifier that stays better in your mouth for naps and bedtime. 
*I think your little thighs get in the way of your feet reaching your mouth. You sure love to pull on those toes!  
*You really could care less about standing and to be honest, I love it... stay little. 
*When you play with toys your legs lay flat on the ground, unless you are grabbing your toes! 
*You SMILE all the time. I get compliments often about your precious smile and those killer blue eyes. 
*You are one happy little girl! 

{Hadley McKee} 
*Pat, pat, pat... out! zzzzzzzz...zzzzzzzz
*When you sleep you turn your head to the right and love to hold onto your "lovie" blanket or "wubbanub" pacifier.
*Your little hands are always "praying". It's precious! 
*Your toes can reach your mouth! (yuck!) 
*When you are playing with toys you keep your legs bent with your knees pulled to your chest.
*When laying on your belly, you are moving your legs up to the crawling position. 
*You still LOVE to stand and always have.
*You make grunting noises when you are going potty. It's funny!
*You love to spit.  You blow air through your little lips and get your chin and onsie all wet! We love it! 
*You have learned that if you whimper... Mommy will pick you up. NOT okay, missy!
*You have started the back bend thing when you get upset. But, I can't quite figure out what it means... hmmm. I think it's funny. You are going to be our little drama queen.
*Your tears kill me! 100% awful!

You both are God's GREATEST gifts to us!
We love you to the moon and back.
I'll have your letters from Mommy ready on another day... 
Love you two precious little ones (gosh... SO much!)

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