Layton and Hadley turned TWO!

Pumpkins at the Park turned into Pumpkins in the Backyard! The weather was dreary and chilly so home we came. 
I really loved the idea of a park party...next year! 

The girls had a blast at their 2nd birthday party! They ran, played, and were passed around by all of their favorite people in the world.

Danielle and Tanya

Pumpkin decorating (super easy craft for kids!)

For the 'Thank You' gifts- I removed the labels and added "stems"/pipe cleaners. There were markers provided for the kids to draw pumpkin faces on the front of each bottle. 

I plan on framing all of their bday party invites to have for each years party. 

Wrapping bottles of water makes for
such a great pop of color!

Pink and Pumpkins was a perfect theme!

Lunch was easy and yummy! 
Everyone enjoyed hotdogs with the option of chili and cheese, chips, fruit, veggies, and a yummy corn dip that Michael made! 

A coffee bar was set up last minute due to the chill in the air and MAN did everyone enjoy it. Michael's Dad, Steve, brewed four pots of coffee. It was a hit!

Steve, Grandmother, Daddy 
Layton, Mom, Lynley, Aunt Joanie, Melissa, Hadley

Yum, Yum! 
Am-ee (Grammie), Layton, Lala, and Hadley 
Maegan, Ashley & Lindsey 
Harper and Kayla
Amanda and Becky
Adam and Adelyn 
Friends and family came... left... and then came back! We had a full house until midnight.
 I love hosting in our home. It's one of my favorite things todo. While the girls took their afternoon nap, Melissa, Lynley and I made a second trip to the grocery store to grab items to grill/ yummy dips and sides to eat for dinner. That evening we had a bathtub full of babies, pack-n-plays set up all over the house, and friends sitting around the fire pit. It was a wonderful night!

 We are blessed with an amazing group of family and friends who live near by! 
A last minute cookout on the patio with friends was the perfect ending to the great celebration. 


Happy Birthday, H&L!

Layton & Hadley! 

We have had the amazing opportunity to say, "happy birthday" 3 times to you sweet girls. Once on the day you were born. Last year, on your 1st birthday party and now today. Each time, we swell with pride, knowing you are one year more OURS! 

Here you were at ONE
and now you are at TWO! 

We are so lucky to have you in our lives! 
You make each day better. 

 Happy Birthday, our little pumpkins. 
We can't wait to celebrate you today. 


Pre-School 2014-2015

To put the girls in preschool... or to NOT put the girls in preschool. 
Those were the questions we battled. 

I found that many of the churches in the area offered a two day preschool for children 18-24 months. The older kiddos have the option for three days a week. I knew that I wanted to get the girls in some type of structured play/learning environment. So, I started doing some research.

I, originally, thought that I would start next Fall when they are turning three. 
Well... when we found out that we were expecting our third little one, plans got moved up. 

 I was in the first trimester COMPLETE exhaustion stage and the girls wanted to GO-GO-GO all the time. *and still do* I knew that being at home with a outing here and there just wasn't kicking it for them anymore. I also knew that when this belly gets even BIGGER and I am preparing for the the new baby to arrive, that two days of fun and go-go-go will be just what the girls need. 

We got the girls on the wait lists for all of the churches in the area. Yes, WAIT lists. ugh. Who would have thought they would ALL be full. Finally, two weeks before school started, we got the call that the girls got into Cottonwood Creek Baptist Pre-School/Mother's Day Out program. YAY! 

Treats for their teachers! 
Soooo many things TO DO before their big day/meet the teacher.  
I ordered the matching mini monogramed backpacks and lunch boxes, hurried and picked out fabric for their nap mats and dropped off the supplies at LaLa's house to be made/sewed. 
(LaLa only had a few days before we needed them completed. Sorry- lala! You rock!) 

We went to Meet the Teacher and meet their teacher and classmates (10 kidos)
I was nervous for them. BUT, was completely at peace, because they had each other. 

The first day of preschool, I got to the church early, tried to take a few pictures, and strolled the girls into "school!" 

Here are a few!

 In we go!

I think every child in their class has an October birthday. 

I strolled the girls in, signed them in to their classroom, held back the tears and they ran in to play. A few whimpers as they turned around and saw me walk away. 
Don't you worry! I hung out in their hall way (yes, I was THAT Momma). 
After a few minutes they were playing and making friends. I knew then, I could go. It was harder on me than I thought. But, it is wonderful and the girls have a blast! 

The girls LOVE preschool and each morning we we go they get excited about seeing their teachers and friends. 

Daddy walked us in today!! 

The cuteness over load with them wearing their backpacks and holding their lunch sacks was adorable! 


Big 3-0

August has come and gone (and September, I'm catching up, remember?) and I am 30! 3-0. I thought I would feel older- or be sad about turning 3-0. My twenties are gone and my thirties are here. But, I honestly have to say that I am excited.  Sharing life with Michael, Layton and Hadley is the best present ever and I am excited to have the gift from here on out.

 I have the best family and friends and they over did it for our birthday! It isn't weird that I said, 'our' *(I say 'our', as I have shared it with Melissa for-like-ever, duh!) Mels friends threw her a birthday dinner in Dallas and they were so kind to invite me along! I was excited to go to a nice restaurant in Dallas and enjoy their birthday wishes and a yummy dinner. They are so trendy! 

Michael took me to Bob's Steak House- where we have been celebrating my birthday for the past few years. It's right down the road at the Shops of Legacy. Convenient is our middle name these days. We had a babysitter over and we were off for the evening. Dinner was amazing, as usual. Michael had told them it was my 30th, and they brought out a special dessert tray. YUM. 
We left STUFFED and barely able to walk to our car. (we were bad and didn't take a picture!) 

On my actual birthday-Michaels Mom, Denise/Grammie "Am-ee", watched the twins and I was snuck away on a surprise birthday treat. 

My friends are the best! BEST. 
First stop, brunch on the patio. You should have seen the decorations. It was adorable! We ate, they drank mimosas, and we all had a great time. After lunch, the surprise wasn't over. Off to the house to change into our swimsuits. One of the BEST things about having a summer birthday- lake/pool weather!! An adorable sign was made, THANKS, AMANDA! And we all sat in the pool and chit chatted until we all had to head back to real life events/work. Most of my friends are teachers and had the day off, due to it being summer still. 

How cute are they and their decorations?

And that wasn't it! I have the most wonderful, supportive, Momma friends- EVER! 

One of these friends has a Momma with an amazing pool! Caroline, Sharon, Stephanie, and Brittany hosted a pool party, babies and all, to enjoy Chick-fil-A pool side to celebrate. Melissa, Raylyn and Lynley came, too! We all enjoyed splashing, eating and chatting.  

After a fun day with friends, I was off to one LAST birthday dinner. Back to the Shops at Legacy I went. This time to celebrate with another group of girls who I love and adore! I met a bunch of twin Mommas through Bloging/ Instagram. I know, weird, but they truly are wonderful and we have all become great friends (and started our own company together- Multiplicitees) Meredith brought amazing table decorations and we all enjoyed dinner on the patio. Catching up, chatting about life and dreaming of the company that we are so excited to build! When the night came to an end, I was sad to see is come and go. 

Ashley, me, Meri, Meredith, and Erika 
Instagram: Multiplicitees 
All in all, the day, week, month was wonderful! I'm older and it's okay! 

Welcome 30's... I'm happy you are here!