Layton and Hadley turned TWO!

Pumpkins at the Park turned into Pumpkins in the Backyard! The weather was dreary and chilly so home we came. 
I really loved the idea of a park party...next year! 

The girls had a blast at their 2nd birthday party! They ran, played, and were passed around by all of their favorite people in the world.

Danielle and Tanya

Pumpkin decorating (super easy craft for kids!)

For the 'Thank You' gifts- I removed the labels and added "stems"/pipe cleaners. There were markers provided for the kids to draw pumpkin faces on the front of each bottle. 

I plan on framing all of their bday party invites to have for each years party. 

Wrapping bottles of water makes for
such a great pop of color!

Pink and Pumpkins was a perfect theme!

Lunch was easy and yummy! 
Everyone enjoyed hotdogs with the option of chili and cheese, chips, fruit, veggies, and a yummy corn dip that Michael made! 

A coffee bar was set up last minute due to the chill in the air and MAN did everyone enjoy it. Michael's Dad, Steve, brewed four pots of coffee. It was a hit!

Steve, Grandmother, Daddy 
Layton, Mom, Lynley, Aunt Joanie, Melissa, Hadley

Yum, Yum! 
Am-ee (Grammie), Layton, Lala, and Hadley 
Maegan, Ashley & Lindsey 
Harper and Kayla
Amanda and Becky
Adam and Adelyn 
Friends and family came... left... and then came back! We had a full house until midnight.
 I love hosting in our home. It's one of my favorite things todo. While the girls took their afternoon nap, Melissa, Lynley and I made a second trip to the grocery store to grab items to grill/ yummy dips and sides to eat for dinner. That evening we had a bathtub full of babies, pack-n-plays set up all over the house, and friends sitting around the fire pit. It was a wonderful night!

 We are blessed with an amazing group of family and friends who live near by! 
A last minute cookout on the patio with friends was the perfect ending to the great celebration. 

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