Big 3-0

August has come and gone (and September, I'm catching up, remember?) and I am 30! 3-0. I thought I would feel older- or be sad about turning 3-0. My twenties are gone and my thirties are here. But, I honestly have to say that I am excited.  Sharing life with Michael, Layton and Hadley is the best present ever and I am excited to have the gift from here on out.

 I have the best family and friends and they over did it for our birthday! It isn't weird that I said, 'our' *(I say 'our', as I have shared it with Melissa for-like-ever, duh!) Mels friends threw her a birthday dinner in Dallas and they were so kind to invite me along! I was excited to go to a nice restaurant in Dallas and enjoy their birthday wishes and a yummy dinner. They are so trendy! 

Michael took me to Bob's Steak House- where we have been celebrating my birthday for the past few years. It's right down the road at the Shops of Legacy. Convenient is our middle name these days. We had a babysitter over and we were off for the evening. Dinner was amazing, as usual. Michael had told them it was my 30th, and they brought out a special dessert tray. YUM. 
We left STUFFED and barely able to walk to our car. (we were bad and didn't take a picture!) 

On my actual birthday-Michaels Mom, Denise/Grammie "Am-ee", watched the twins and I was snuck away on a surprise birthday treat. 

My friends are the best! BEST. 
First stop, brunch on the patio. You should have seen the decorations. It was adorable! We ate, they drank mimosas, and we all had a great time. After lunch, the surprise wasn't over. Off to the house to change into our swimsuits. One of the BEST things about having a summer birthday- lake/pool weather!! An adorable sign was made, THANKS, AMANDA! And we all sat in the pool and chit chatted until we all had to head back to real life events/work. Most of my friends are teachers and had the day off, due to it being summer still. 

How cute are they and their decorations?

And that wasn't it! I have the most wonderful, supportive, Momma friends- EVER! 

One of these friends has a Momma with an amazing pool! Caroline, Sharon, Stephanie, and Brittany hosted a pool party, babies and all, to enjoy Chick-fil-A pool side to celebrate. Melissa, Raylyn and Lynley came, too! We all enjoyed splashing, eating and chatting.  

After a fun day with friends, I was off to one LAST birthday dinner. Back to the Shops at Legacy I went. This time to celebrate with another group of girls who I love and adore! I met a bunch of twin Mommas through Bloging/ Instagram. I know, weird, but they truly are wonderful and we have all become great friends (and started our own company together- Multiplicitees) Meredith brought amazing table decorations and we all enjoyed dinner on the patio. Catching up, chatting about life and dreaming of the company that we are so excited to build! When the night came to an end, I was sad to see is come and go. 

Ashley, me, Meri, Meredith, and Erika 
Instagram: Multiplicitees 
All in all, the day, week, month was wonderful! I'm older and it's okay! 

Welcome 30's... I'm happy you are here! 

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