Chapter 6- Our life in Numbers

From the fullness of His grace we have received one blessing after another -- John 1:16

Our Life in Numbers:

27 wonderfully blessed years of life for me and 29 years for Michael- Thank you Lord for this gift.

5 years (this Summer) of a fabulous marriage on July 14th.

2 precious, loving, furry friends that we adore- Sophie and Hondo.

2 + 2= 4 amazing parents who have raised us to be who we are today.

3 siblings (2) sisters (Lynley and Melissa) who I adore and am thankful for daily and (1) brother (Lance) who Michael couldn't have imagined growing up with out! 

1 brother in law (Sean) and 1 sister in law (Haley) who we gladly welcomed into our family.

3 years since I started and have grown Beautifully Blessed Photography.

5 years of a teaching profession which has kept me laughing each day.

Loads of friends and family members who have been a blessing to our life. Thank you Lord for their role in each day we are given.

1 amazing God that we couldn't live our life without.

--and our most recent numbers-- 
Not 1, but 2 children that will be born in October. Thank you Lord for your answer to our prayers. We couldn't feel more happy and (doubly) blessed.

To our Friends and Family- We can't help but think that God has placed each of you in our life for many reasons, including to help us in the next few months to get through our first pregnancy with twins, but also for the duration of these two precious babies lives! Michael and I are blessed to have you.

Sweet growing Angels - We know that you are growing inch by inch and ounce by ounce everyday. We pray that everything we do will make you both healthy in every way.  We pray that God will prepare our hearts for you and that we will provide you with every ounce of love and care that we can give.

For this child we have prayed and the Lord answered our prayer-
1 Samuel 1:27