Chapter 66: Sleep? Yes, Please!


January- 3 months

The girls have done very well with their sleep patterns since they were born! We feel very blessed. Since they were born they both ate, played, slept! When they came home from the hospital they were on a 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2am, 6am schedule! It was fabulous as they never budged from this schedule. (Shhh.. I know, that was every four hrs, but HEY, it worked for them and for us! And the girls were gaining weight, so we were okay with it) This continued on and eventually they started to eat every three hours during the day and stretching our their night feedings. (Note: Feb. 12th)
February- 4months

Around four months they dropped to one night feeding and at five months old they started sleeping through the night and dropped the night time feeding altogether. MAN, that was great!!! Here is our little problem. Pacifiers! Now, I know, I know, it's better then them sucking their thumb! (I don't want to have to break that habit!) They only have their pacifiers when they are napping/sleeping in their cribs or when they ride in their car seats. We really try to keep them as a "put to sleep soother". And man,  SOOTH, they do. The girls just love their little "soothies".  

March- 5 months 

Now, like I said, since three months of age, the girls have been sleeping from 7pm-7am. At five months they started waking up around 4am/5am for their pacifiers. Some nights up to 3-5 times. Others only once. They do go back to sleep after a few pats and a diaper change. But, I sure would love for them to be able to find those suckers (literally) and place them back in their own mouths! When does this happen??  

April- 6 months 

Tip from a friend: Cry it Out! We tried the Cry it Out Method- and man, that was hard. I really don't know if it really has helped the girls all that much. I think I may have spoiled them by going back in to sooth them with their pacifiers. Any other tips out there?? I feel bad complaining about our pacifier issues, when I know some parents are dealing with worse little sleepers, (Some may be thinking.. come to my house and you won't sleep at all!) but, I'll take any tips I can get! Come on, girls. Help a Momma, out! :)  

Speaking of sleep??
 The girls are staying with their Grandparents this weekend and guess who is sleeping.. ALOT? ME!!  This will be their first weekend away from us. I know they will be perfect little angels. :) Tehehe! 
Good Luck LaLa & Poppa and Gram & Grumps!


  1. Lala and Poppa can't wait!

  2. Lyla eventually stopped wanting her paci as much at night. It would fall out and she'd just sleep through it. Sometimes that paci is the only thing that will sooth her though so its hard to just leave it behind. What kind of pacifier do you use? We had to switch Lyla because the soothies kind kept falling out of her mouth. The paci's with a nipple that have a more of a definite shape are easier to hold in their little mouths when they aren't sucking. Maybe MAM? The girls are so cute. :)

  3. Toss tons of pacis in the crib so when they reach out they can find one.

  4. Yikes! Can't help you there. Quinn never really took to one...at first I wanted her to but it sounds like now maybe we kept ourselves from fighting another battle. Good luck!!
    I upload my post in windows live writer and you have several different options for pictures. It's so much easier than blogger and doesn't take so long to upload!

  5. Thanks everyone! :) We keep about 5 pacifiers in each crib... but, these two little ones would rather Momma find it and place it back in their mouths! Lol- come on sweet pea's! I'm sure that day will come... sooner than later!