Life with a 3 month old! {and twins!}

Ally Ann is 3 months! 

We have had the best time with this sweet little girl. She is a very easy, happy, chilled {knock on wood} baby. She is still waking around 2/3am to eat! This little one just isn't ready to drop that feeding just yet! It's okay, I'll sleep again one day! 
She loves to: giggle, talk (cooo and cooo), watch her sisters play, she rocks from side to side and rolled over last week! 

She will take a pacifier to help her fall asleep. We are tying to only give it to her at nap/bed time. So far, so good! She is still nursing and doing wonderful! I was nervous about the whole nursing thing with the twins running around, and just the pure fact of being on the GO all the time with the twins and nursing in public. But, we have all adapted and I have come to realize that it is what it is! She is thriving and we are making it! 
So, we'll continue on. :) 

Twin Talk at 32 months! 
{PS--I still say 2 1/2!} 
They have done fabulous adjusting to Ally Ann. Michael and I love watching them with her. Their favorite thing to do it kiss her toes and the tip top of her head. A few of their favorite phrases with her are:  "Good Morning, Ally Ann?? "Ally Ann, wake up!" "Ally Ann?? She go night-night, Mommy??" "Ally Ann, do you want milk?" 
 They haven't tried to hold her or play with her JUST yet! They always offer her their food and we have to remind them that she only drinks milk. It's sweet. They love her dearly! 

They are eating at the BIG table. :) Their sweet little table that Granddad made is now the craft table. We have booster seats that they sit in and love. They are also in BIG GIRL beds (toddler beds)! We are planning on moving them to twin beds at the end of Summer! {I am excited for this} They love to play in the back yard, love to color-chalk-and paint, they are starting to pair their friends with mommies friends. When I say, "do you want to go to Ms Meredith's house?" they respond, "YEAH, and see Jude and Sloane!" We are starting ballet class next week for the summer. I can' wait to watch them learn to dance! 
We are also starting to talk BIG girl potty! I wanted to get our adjustment with a newborn down before potty training, and I think we are ready! This should be fun... 
All in all- everyone is doing wonderful!! 

Here are a few pictures of the last few months! 
Hair cuts in the back yard!! (in jammies with a snack!) I love having friends who DO IT ALL! 

{roly poly search}
{first swim of the summer}

{I'll help you, sissy!}  MELT! 

Summer is here... and I'm excited! 

What's Mommy up to? I am still selling Rodan and Fields Dermatologists and LOVING it! 
Besides being a Momma- it's the best job ever. 
 I have started working out and have come to realize how much I missed it! I'm running with a girl friend Jordan, until she has her sweet baby boy, and taking classes at a gym by the house. It feels great to get back in shape. (especially after having a baby!) With the twins, I was back to my pre-pregnacy weight SUPER quick. With Ally Ann, it has taken an additional 6 weeks. But, I am there! :)
 I am still apart of the Moms of Multiples group here in McKinney! I stepped down from President and am loving just being a member. I LOVE having girl time with my girl friends of gosh... 6 years now! And fellow Momma's (it's nice to have ADULT time away from our children!) Doing life with other ladies in the same place and pace of life truly has been a blessing! 
A few of my twin mom friends and I have started a business together- @Multiplicitees (children/twin apparel) and are having a blast doing it! 

Besides playing with the girls and crying as they grow to fast... we are having a blast over here at the Tennison house hold! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @annmariet2 -this is where we share more of our daily life through pictures! 

I'm off to pack snacks for the beach club! We're all trying out the pool today.... wish me luck. 
I'm attempting to bring all three- with out the help of Daddy! 

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