Happy 4th Birthday H&L

Hadley and Layton wanted a FAIRY FOURTH Birthday party- which I thought was precious and jumped on board! 

Their Birthday Invitation (my favorite YET!)

Birthday Fairys

We served pizza, fruit, and fruit snacks! 
(easy, easy!)

Cake/cupcakes: Market Street

The girls requested a "fancy" cake with flowers on it! I brought their invitation to the bakery and explained what the twins wanted and THIS.. THIS GORGEOUS cake is what came out!  

Building their fairy gardens

Ally Ann went straight for the bracelets! 

Layton and Grey 

Ashby and Harper 

Each of the girls made Fairy gardens to bring home. H&L LOVE to play with their fairy garden in our backyard, so I thought this would be perfect and fun for their guests!

Lala helping all of the girls

Our two little boy friends who came made gardens, too!! 
Hadley, Sloane, Layton

Ansley and Abby

Kayla, Meg, Britany, Shay and Meredith 

Look at these precious hands crafting

Shay, me, Jessie, Linds, and Brittany 


Brittany, Caroline, Melissa, Becky and Kali

Ally Ann, Aunt JoJo, Ray & Aunt Lynley 
Layton off to play! 

Hadley pointing out the 'H' in her banner! 

Our Fairy Fourth Party was a blast! The kids ran and played at the park, enjoyed dinner and built fairy gardens! And one of the best parts... (besides the girls having a blast) we came home to a clean home with happy FOUR year olds! 

The Happy 4th Birthday banner, cupcake topers, water wraps, invites and food tags were all purchased from Etsy!
 I've learned... why make it myself when there are talented small business owners out there that would love the support!?!?

Happy Birthday, 
Hadley & Layton!