Chapter 60: Formula Isn't a bad word.

*Warning- these are my thoughts and feelings. I don't mean or want to offend anyone by how I feel on the topic of breast feeding. Therefore, if you are hard core breast feeding advocate, stop reading or at least take what I say with a grain of salt.
 *PS- breast feeding a singleton is completely different then with twins!* 

Formula is not a bad word.
Breast feeding is hard... Not only can it be painful, but it requires a lot of work! A LOT! When you have two newborns.. double the work is an understatement.  I personally feel that when a women finds out she is pregnant, they just assume that they will breast feed their baby. It's only natural, right?  For me...wrong. It didn't come as natural as I expected. I have always been on both sides of the fence when it comes to breast feeding. It just seems a little weird to me! :) I ask God all of the time, "Why did you make me this way?" I know he has his reasons and I don't doubt them. Now, don't get me wrong. I KNOW that breast milk is best for the girls, giving them the right balance of nutrients that they need, and helps boost their little immune system, therefore, I will continue this journey of pumping for them to have it. Hey... they have gone 5 months without ONE runny nose! Pretty good, huh? 

Tips that were successful for me: 1. Look to your husband and other loved ones for support. 2. Don't be afraid to ask for help. 3. Lactation consultants are the bomb.com.

Why is it that new Mommies are made to feel bad if they are not able to/or cannot produce enough breast milk to continue breast feeding their baby/s?  Does anyone else feel this way? When having twins... you do what you can! Fortunately, I have been blessed with somewhat of a great supply of breast milk. With the girls now drinking 5/6 ounces a feeding they each get 3/4 bottles of breast milk a day and 2 bottles of formula at night. Quite frankly, I am shocked that I producing this much milk. If I had one baby, we would have a freezer full! Oh.. I wish this were the case!  

Breast feeding is hard! Yes, there is an amazing bond that you get to experience with your newborn, but for me it was difficult! Now, my experience is with twins, so with many of you reading, your story is different as you most likely only have one infant. When you have twins your experience may look similar to this. Nurse one, bottle feed (due to not getting both sides of Mommy), REPEAT- feed the other baby, bottle feed. Then.. PUMP!  Wait two hours.. repeat! Tandem nursing would be great (feeding both at the same time) and I do have a friend that is able to do this, but man, I tried... too hard! With nursing there are so many things to think about and figure out as a new mom. There is teaching the baby to latch properly, find the best position for him/her and you, and how to build your milk supply! It's just not as simple as you would think! Add in getting mastitis, constantly cleaning bottles and breast pump parts... oh man!  

I was on the verge of giving up at 3 weeks... the girls weren't latching correctly, I was in pain, I was exhausted! It was at that time that I committed and decided that I was going to keep going, week by week, month by month! My goal was 3 months... and then 4! Now, I am going for 6! My pediatrician has said that 6 months is the key number for breast fed babies. Pumping has been my go to. I hate that little machine, but it is what works for the twins and I.  

Mom's out there- you can do it! But, DO NOT be led to feel guilty for stopping.  If you don't have the supply needed or breast feeding doesn't work for you or your families needs. It is OKAY to stop. It doesn't mean that you are a bad Mom. In fact, it means that you know what is best for YOU and your life as a new little family. 

Formula is NOT a bad word... it isn't! There is nothing wrong with formula.

Enough about milk... PEA's PLEASE! 
The girls tried their very first veggie. PEA's!
Night two was the trick. They started to take in more and have finally figured out how to swallow from a spoon. That was tricky for them. 

Enjoy your veggies... 

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  1. Formulas is NOT a bad word; I agree! I went 6 months with my first two babies, and then all of a sudden with #3, my milk started to dry out at 4 months. I cried, lots of big tears and constantly wondered why, why, why with this baby? Thus, with baby #4, when the same thing happened, I was prepared. So, I made it to 4 months with the last two babies and I had to overcome what I felt was a failure of not lasting 2 more months like the first two babies. I am envious of those that can breast feed for an entire year, but it didn't work for me. I am envious of you for pumping as long as you have. I hate that little machine too... so much that I gave it away after #3 and said I wasn't going to use one with #4 and I didn't! Of course, I just had a singleton! =]