Chapter 63: St. Patty's Day 2013

St. Patrick's Day with our sweet girls was a blast to say the least. We enjoyed family, friends, and the tradition of crawfish and green beer. (I don't drink beer.. so a yummy mixed drink was in store for me!) The girls were fabulous. We traveled from Dallas to Alexandria and spent the night with my Nanny. We loved spending time with her and enjoyed a yummy dinner and breakfast. Friday morning we headed to Baton Rouge and stayed until Sunday. The girls did great on our first family road trip and enjoyed being passed from person to person! 
 Twins first time out of TX!

Sean, Mel and Baby Raylyn

I love traditions. I have always enjoyed the traditions that were put into place growing up and I look forward to continuing with traditions as our sweet girls grow. I can't wait to blog about our Easter tradition... 

The Baton Rouge St. Patrick's Day parade has been a family tradition of ours since I was in 1st grade! (I think. I was little!)  We rode in the parade for many years. Instead of riding in the parade and throwing beads, we are now on the front lawn of my Aunt Jill's home screaming for beads. (Her house is on the parade route!) Both experiences are a blast! The girls had a wonderful time, along with Michael and I. What a wonderful weekend! Can't wait for next year.
 I have a million and one pictures of the weekend, but here are just a few! 

Daddy and Hadley

We brought Lynley along!  SISTERS! 


I love my Daddy!!! 

How perfect are these cups? 

Yup- Hadley's middle name is McKee!

Michael and I

Melissa and sweet Baby Raylyn!

 Mom and I

Me, Mom, and Melissa


Layton with Lala- She's very sleepy!

The Boys! 

 The Tennison Family
Hadley Mom Layton Dad

Irish Coffee! Top of the mornin' to ya!

Group Pic... sorry Neil, the photographer cut you out..
Neil, Sean, Mel, Kurt, Melissa, Hadley, Me, Layton, Michael 

My Aunt Joanie's amazing cookies

Neil and I

Cousin picture!! Missing a few- but, what a blast growing up with so many cousins! 

Cousin shot! 

The Gauntt Girls!
Me, Adalyn, Brittany, Anna Grace, and Melissa

Michael and Hadley 

What amazing tree's! 

I love these two- "tutu" much!

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