Chapter 29: Twin Talk

 How Far Along: 35 1/2 weeks 

Size of Babies: Baby A is 4lbs 9oz and Baby B is 5lbs 

What You’re Doing this Week: Hanging out in bed, reading magazines, Pinteresting, writing in the girls' baby books, watching TV, enjoying time- just Michael and Me!   

Cravings: Nothing particular

Stretch Marks- Nope, so very thankful!

Labor Signs- None as of yesterday
Sleep: I am sleeping as much as possible :)

New News: Bed rest- oh so fun! We are hopeful that these two will arrive next Wednesday or Thursday. They will be 36 weeks. We will see what happens with my blood pressure.  

Names: Layton Aaron and Hadley McKee 

Fetal Movement: I think they are running out of room in my belly! I personally think they enjoy me walking around more then laying down. 

Mommy and Baby Details: The girls looked great on Thursday at our doctor appointment! They both were breathing, kicking, and moving around.  One of the girls has hair! We don't remember which twin, so we'll just be surprised. I am doing great, minus the high blood pressure here and there.  

Daddy Details: Michael wants the girls to come now! :) He is ready for them to make their grand appearance.

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  1. Hate that you are on bed rest but do stay there. I was on bed rest the last 6 weeks with Justin and they took him 2 weeks early. I know it is boring but those sweet girls will be here before you know it!