Chapter 32: Our Birth Story

Welcome to our family Hadley and Layton!
October 10th, 2012

{Our Story}
We did it!!  I wanted to document the birth of our twins before the stories of their lives start to fill our blog.

What an exciting time for Michael and I! We had many emotions going through us the night before and the morning of our little one's arrival.  We both surprisingly slept a little that night, which surprised us both.  We woke up, took showers, and waited for our doctors directions.  I was hooked up to an IV and feeling as if I was pumped full of gallons of liquids.  As the first doctor walked into the room at 7:00am my nerves started. My parents, along with Michael's, came in for hugs, kisses, and pictures before they wheeled me into the operating room.  Michael stayed back while they put in the spinal tap and once that was in he came into the room and stayed at my side. The nerves had settled in and I continuously prayed for our sweet girls that were about to join our family.  I knew that there were many steps in a cesarean section and this made me nervous.  I made a "to do" list in my head and as each portion was completed I was able to check it off! This helped the time pass. *a long 30 minutes!   Michael held my hand and the sweet nurse and anesthesiologist talked me through the process.

Baby A was born first! She came out crying, which was the sweetest sound I had ever heard.  Michael went over and named her Layton.  They brought her straight over to us and laid her with Michael and I. Tears were streaming down my face! We have many wonderful pictures of Layton and Hadley after they were born.  Right after Layton arrived at 7:54am, Hadley arrived one minute later, and she too was crying.  We both felt a huge relief as we listened to both of the girls cry.  Another amazing feeling was when the doctors came over and informed us that both of our girls were healthy and were not needing to go to the NICU.  What a blessing and answer to our prayers! Dr. Banks then laid both of our sweet babies on my chest and off we went to our recovery room. Michael waved and gave a quick hug to our family waiting outside and we listened to the sweet nursery rhyme lullabies play as we moved into the recovery room. *this is a tradition at the hospital. While we were in the hospital- we heard many nursery lullaby's playing in the hallway as babies were born.  Our time in the recovery room was the most wonderful hour of just Michael and I, our two sweet girls, and nurses! The nurses monitored the girls and I was able to nurse and spend a good amount of time skin to skin.  It was a moment that I will always cherish. The love Michael and I were feeling at that moment was indescribable.  Each minute we were updated on their progress and other updates while they were snuggled up with us.  After about and hour we were moved to our "hotel", family and friend room, for the next three days. The girls spent each night with us in our room and did a wonderful job feeding and sleeping.  All in all, we had a great experience bringing these sweet girls into this big world.  They continue to surprise us as they eat, sleep, and potty- barely any tears!! They are truly a blessing!

We love our girls so much that our hearts feel as if they could burst! They have been such a blessing to both of us.  Michael is such a great Daddy.  He wakes up at each feeding, helping with changing, feeding, and anything that I need.  He has been ALL hands on deck since day one. My love for him has grown even more as I watch him with our sweet girls. They have him wrapped around his finger.. not just one finger :) ALL ten!

Thank you to everyone that has kept us in your thoughts and prayers through our pregnancy. It was such a wonderful experience for both Michael and I. We feel blessed and loved! Thank you to all of our family members and friends who came to the hospital to love on our sweet girls and us.  What a blessing you are to Michael and I! 

We are home now, settling in, and loving this new journey called, parenthood!

About to head back to the operating room!

Heading to the recovery room! I had both babies snuggled in my arms.

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  1. I LOVE it! Can't wait to come to town...I am meeting those sweet babies in person!