Chapter 28- Just gotta laugh!

There are been so many moments through this pregnancy that have caused me to fall into a full on belly laugh! (literally...hehe!) I know I won't remember all of these momments after our sweet girls arrive, therefore, I thought I would write down a few.

Skinny Jeans: Yes- I have been that pregnant lady who has put on her fair share of 'skinnys' during this pregnancy. In most cases, Michael has to help me. But, there was one night when I had to get ready on my own.  Let me just say- it was a sight to see. I ended up with one leg in one side of the the jeans laying on our bed in laughter so hard that tears were running down my face.  While I layed there on the bed, I thought to myself, "Well, I made it this far, I might as well keep going!" If I could only read Hondo and Sophie's mind as they sat and watched!  But, in the end, I assure you...the jeans made it on! :)

Shoes: You know everyone always makes the miss-matched shoe joke with pregnant women.  I never had this actually happen.. but, putting on shoes, that is a joke in itself! You see, when you are pregnant there comes a point in your pregnancy when you can't lean over your belly to put on your shoes. (Yes, I can still see my feet.. not well!) I have done really good at mastering the "swing your leg up and to the side" trick. But, then again, I wanted to wear boots one night. Michael wasn't home... and zipping a side zipper on boots, oh man! I started on the bed.... knowing I would end up falling on it eventually.  I got the first boot on great. The second one, not so good! I became so frustrated that I started to get mad. The madness then became tears of laughter as I thought to myself. "Ann Marie... you can't put on your boot. SERIOUSLY?" 

Shelf:  I have noticed that while sitting on the couch I set my phone on the top of my belly.  It just happens to always end up there. This God made shelf has come in handy for things like this! I have also used this belly shelf to hold a few oreo's here and there. Yum.. I'll miss my little shelf, yet I am ready to be more comfortable on a daily basis!

Moving through small spaces: Oh my! Let me just say, this one cracks me up. When going out to eat, there really isn't much space in between tables.  I really never noticed this pre-pregnancy.  I find myself searching for the easiest way to make it through a restaurant. I giggle, mostly inside as I do this.   

Spills: So, this happens frequently! Not only do I feel like the most clumsy person EVER, but it's embarrassing to look down at your belly and see crumbs! Note mommies to be- put an extra shirt in your car! I wish this was the case when I was heading to a doctors appointment and spilled my water all over my belly. Luckily, I had a few minutes to turn the air on high and dry my shirt. But, how embarrassing if I didn't have the time! Oh my!

Sleeping: Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. I just laugh looking at our bed. I can't wait to remove those suckers and sleep on my belly! That day will be here soon! 

Needless to say, why become frustrated when you can laugh! Laughter makes everything better, right? This pregnancy has brought on many tears of laughter.

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