Chapter 11- Finally a picture!

Twin Talk with the Tennison's!
What a perfect song for our sweet little girls! 
Christina Perri- A Thousand Years 

How Far Along: 20 weeks 

Size of Babies: 10 inches from head to toe (about the length of a banana) and 10 1/2 ounces in weight.
What You’re Doing this week: Heading to the Dominican Republic for the wedding of one of Michael and I's close friends- Ashley and Tyler! We couldn't be more happy to share this exciting time with them and thank God that he has placed them in our lives.  
Cravings: Ice cream :)
Sleep: So far so good... I wake up about 5 times a night.. is that normal? :)
Sex of Baby: Two beautiful baby girls!!! 
Weight Gain:  6-8 lbs. (I won't be filling you in on this much longer...)
Names: Layton Aaron and Hadley McKee 
Symptoms: None- just a growing belly! Thank you, Lord!
Fetal Movement: I feel them in the evenings when I am laying down. Although, there isn't much movement just yet. But, they don't have much room. :)

18 weeks

20 weeks 

We're in love with two children we haven't yet met...


  1. You look amazing!!!!!!! You are even more beautiful carrying Hadley and Layton!! Love you! -- Jenn

  2. I love that bump!! So cute- all belly!!!!

  3. Finally a baby bump picture. Can't wait to feel a kick too!