20 months= AMAZING


Daddy (Dada) and I find ourself watching you both and...smiling, laughing, just plane in awe of your cuteness this month. We truly have thought every age was the best. AND I'm sure that this will continue. But, oh my, twenty months has been the most fun for us in watching the two of you grow. You are talking more, doing more, following directions, mimicking Mom and Dad, loving praise, playing with one another and are just so darn cute doing all of it. 

You make us laugh and with laughter comes love. 
I caught myself saying to Daddy the other day, "How, I mean, HOW can I love them more than I do at this moment. My heart could just bust. I now realize the Lords love and all of its extravagance for us because I understand my love for you!  


Momma and Dada


Back Yard Babies

We love our backyard!! After a little work and the fun of adding the pergola, fans, flowers and new furniture, we LIVE outside! Each night when Michael gets home, out we go! We have added a bunch of fun toys for the girls and recently a play pool to plash in! Michael finished building an extension to our porch this past weekend and the added deck is perfect for the grill! 
We play in the morning in our PJ's! 

Water Table Fun! 

 We get wet, too! 

We love our picnic table! 

Michaels rocking horse, pictures above, from when he was the twins age! They love it, and so do I!

You can find us here most nights, 
 listening to music and playing with our littles!  


July 4th, 2014

Our day started with a neighborhood parade! Well, technically the girls were in the parade. We walked half of the parade with the girls in tow in their wagon. About half way through we hooked a U turn and headed home for a quick nap before pool time!  When the girls woke up, we headed to the beach club. We meet our friends, Erika, Justin and their twins at the pool. After splashin', eatin', &  sliddin' we headed home for afternoon naps (Momma included). Then, off to a BBQ! The Lee's hosted, we ate, enjoyed fellowship, and the twins played and stayed up way PAST their bedtime. Fireworks and friends made for a perfect 4th. Tonight, Momma and Daddy are heading to dinner while the littles stay home. 

Beach club games. Every 30 minutes there were different activities for the kids/families. Hoola hoop contests, water balloon toss, sand castle building contests and awesome music! 

 Snack time with Keegan and Noelle! 

 We hope you had a wonderful 4th with family and friends! 

Happy 4th of July 
The Tennison's 
{h&l- 21months}