20 months= AMAZING


Daddy (Dada) and I find ourself watching you both and...smiling, laughing, just plane in awe of your cuteness this month. We truly have thought every age was the best. AND I'm sure that this will continue. But, oh my, twenty months has been the most fun for us in watching the two of you grow. You are talking more, doing more, following directions, mimicking Mom and Dad, loving praise, playing with one another and are just so darn cute doing all of it. 

You make us laugh and with laughter comes love. 
I caught myself saying to Daddy the other day, "How, I mean, HOW can I love them more than I do at this moment. My heart could just bust. I now realize the Lords love and all of its extravagance for us because I understand my love for you!  


Momma and Dada

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