Life Lately

The girls are getting so big! The twins turned four in October and Ally Ann will be two in February. I LOVE our conversations & the thought of our four year old conversations getting deeper, gets me excited. 
Ally Ann loves putting on lip gloss!!! Isn't this the sweetest picture of her?

Lately, we have discussed electrical lines & how they work :), heaven, mobile homes & why they are so HUGE and how much fun it would be do take one on a trip camping. I agree- Hadley McKee, that would be my choice for camping too! Four year olds are so curious about EVERYTHING and it has been so much fun to walk the girls through these questions. 

After school cartoons... I surprised them with new leotards and Hadley put hers on RIGHT away! 

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We've been discussing what type of extra curricular activities the girls would like and Kid Yoga has been a favorite! They are also loving gymnastics. We can't tell which is more fun for them, but they seem to really enjoy both! They are also taking Kid Zumba, and LOVE IT!! Soccer has been exciting to watch, but not to exciting for H&L. We don't think it's their thing. We may take a Spring/ Summer soccer break. I was talking to Michael about how much I love watching them explore different activities! 
Here are a few snaps of them playing soccer from this Fall & Winter >>>
 I spy Ally Ann

Ally Ann loves tagging along. She's the sweetest and truly enjoys watching her big sisters- but, would LOVE to be participating with Hadley and Layton. She'll be there sooner than later! We started the twins in dance at 2.5. I can't wait to add dance back into our schedule for Ally Ann.

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I'm starting a new bible study {Seamless} with our church and I'm so excited about it! The first chapter of the book has stolen my heart. I'm so eager to read each day! I'm looking forward to our IF Gathering Womens Conference this weekend! Don't have plans?? Come with me!  

Two weeks ago, Beth and I hosted our second women's "gathering" in our home! We served hot coco, decaf coffee, tea, and sweet treats! Maci opened up with two beautiful worship songs and Libby did an awesome job sharing her testimony on adoption. We doubled in size from our first gather to our second. Which was amazing. The next one will have to be in the Spring for space--we'll be back yarding it FOR SURE! I'm already excited! Any readers out there know of a great speaker for our Spring gathering? 
Fall Gathering 

 Winter Gathering

Last Friday, Maegan, Brittany, Lindsey and 
I traveled to Waco and fit in the most amazing trip to Magnolia! Thats another post in itself. Stay tuned.... 

Have a great week everyone!


Happy New Year

4, 3, 2, 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 

We had such a fun get together with five other families for New Years Eve! (I wish they blogged... as I would have tagged them! Get with it girls!) It was a laid back evening, but at the same time SO much fun! We made it to midnight and Ally Ann stayed asleep through the entire party. I'd call that a WIN-WIN. The big girls got to go to Amee and Grumps' house for the night for a slumber party after they enjoyed dinner with friends. 

I'm eager to start blogging a little more frequent this year and am SO looking forward to it! I took a needed break, I mean look back... I blogged about holidays and birthdays and that. is. about. it. I chose to focus on our family in 2016 and am excited to get back into the swing of things over here in our online book of the Tennison family. 

Those that know me well, know that I LOVE to talk! Give me a cup of coffee and a girlfriend- and I am one happy woman! I've decided that a cup of coffee and my finger tips may just do the trick! As much as I would love to be cuddled up next to a friend, my computer may have to work & I'm excited about it! 

Here are a few of my New Years Resolutions that I am excited to pursue this year! 

1- Make mornings a consistent bible time/quiet time (note: It's 7:21am and I've already got that in! Wahoo!) 
2- Organize one/two spaces in our home a month (pantry: check!)

3- Read one book a month
4- Enjoy others intentionally-- be more intentional in opening our home to families to eat together/ intentional with our own family in evenings together.

Speaking of friends- I have linked up with Shay and Erika!  Once a month they are are doing a fun link up with other bloggers on how they "work it" in real life. The second Wednesday of every month I'll be hoping on over here on our little blog and sharing how The Tennisons are "working it!" 
So- Link up! and check out their New Years Resolutions, too! 

Cheers to 2017! I'm eager to see what the Lord has planned for us! 2016 had its ups along with its downs. And HE walked us through each trial and celebration!