{Ally Ann: 4 months!}

God knew we needed you!  
Yep, he sure did!

I have the sweetest connection with this little girl. A connection that is so special. 

Ally Ann is the perfect baby to be called a little sister. She is toted around daily and does so well having two big sisters who are constantly on the GO! {to read about twins at 4 months click, here!}

{Ally Ann details} 
Weight: 12lbs 10oz
Height: 24 1/4 inches
Naps: 10am and 1pm (sometimes a cat nap around 5)
Night time: HELLO four month sleep regression. You, sweet little one, are waking up OFTEN. You don't take a pacifier or thumb to sleep, so self soothing is tricky, tricky!
 I will sleep one day... just not today. 
Play: You're rolling over everywhere! And love to sit in your bouncer for a few minutes each day.  

You are still nursing every 2/3 hours and we are excited to start trying rice cereal in a week or so!

All in all, you are growing and doing wonderful! 
We love you!

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  1. Start that rice cereal now, just before bed and fill up her tummy.