always a prayer...

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a Mama. It was more of a wish and prayer.
 A blessing that I yearned and couldn't wait for. 

However, my plan wasn't Gods plan and so waiting and praying for them took longer than expected.  It was great to just do life with Michael and we will always cherish those years. But, man. We were ready to have littles! 
And after lots of prayers- they came along. 
Those faces, though! Precious, right?!?!
Back to wanting to be a momma. Can I just be real and honest for a second.  A GIRL Mom... A girl Momma was what I truly prayed and prayed for. I wanted ruffles, dresses, big bows, ballet class, momma's little shoppers, someone to go with me to get my nails done... gosh, the list could go on.
 It truly was always a hope and dream. 

God has a sense of humor. 
Three beautiful girls later and I LOVE it! 

Maybe. Just maybe God will bless us with another. Maybe we'll get our baseball player??  I can totally rock being a #boymom!
(or ballerinas who play in rocks and dirt!)

We'll take some time and just enjoy the heck out of these girls. 

Ally Ann (5/6 months) Hadley and Layton (almost 3!) 

I wanted to document this stage of our life. 
Because A. they're so darn cute. and B. it's exactly what I dreamed of. 

Gosh, there are no words that can show the thankfulness that we have for 
these three bow wearing, ballet dancing, doll playing girls! 

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  1. Is 7 weeks old too young to have a play date with your precious girls? Haha