Birthday Eve of Ally Ann

Our littlest girl,

Ally Ann where do we begin? It's your Birthday EVE! I wanted to get my thoughts out before you are here and all my time is devoted to you! (and your big sisters of course) You, my little one, are a little miracle and we want you to know how lucky and blessed your Daddy and I are to have you joining our family. 9 months ago, I surprised your Daddy with some exciting news, YOU! Without a doubt, the last 27 months with your sisters have been some of the best times of your Daddy and I's life. We are SO excited to welcome you into this fun family. You are joining the most wonderful family, extended family and friends, who love you so much and are just as eager as Momma and Daddy to meet you.

You have the sweetest, kindest, and lovable big sisters, who are excited to meet you, too. Hadley and Layton love to kiss you through Momma's belly. They said good-bye tonight to you and it melted my heart. I don't know if they completely understand that you will be here tomorrow, but I DO know they are going to love you to pieces. Because of you, Layton and Hadley, you have made me a Mom, and for that I am forever grateful. The three of you have shown me the deepest meaning of love.  

You have been so sweet to me as you have grown in my belly over the past 9 months. No bed rest or swollen ankles and for that, you win! {Don't tell h&l}

We are excited and nervous but more importantly READY for you to arrive. I know that God has a purpose for you and He is going to use you to do amazing things. I want you to know that I will always be here to hold your hand when you need support. Lend a ear when you need to talk and pick you up when you fall. Most importantly baby girl, know that you're loved! You're SO loved!    
Welcome, tiny little one, welcome!

Happy Birthday, Eve!
Momma and Daddy

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  1. This is beautiful, AM! I'm just so thrilled for you guys!