Tiny Dancers 2017 - 2018

We're back at it! 

Soccer was fun. Ballet was begged for! 
Ms. Shelly... we're coming for ya! 

 Ballet & Jazz- this will be fun. :)

So precious! 

Tiny Dancers 2017-2018!
Hadley-"Mommy, when do we get to wear the pretty dance costumes and perform on the stage?" 
SHE'S ready to perform, y'all! 

And just to make you SMILE from ear to ear... here are a few images from our first dance days. 

These girls LOVE to wear their Ballet outfits. 

I mean! I just can't with these tiny littles! Noelle joined us- we sure miss the Lee's! This was the girls first class- age three!

Layton& Hadley>> THREE! 

Their first dance class at 2.5! 

Look at those baby faces. 

Ally Ann Ann dressed for one class

Hadley, Sloane, Grey

 & after looking at these precious tiny dancers- I'm off to search for a class for Ally Ann 

Summer, Summer, Summer TIME!

Summer is here! Last week, we kicked off summer with morning VBS as Cottonwood Creek! They allow 4 year old to participate. The girls had a few friends join them and they had so much fun! Tuesday night we went to Ashbys 5th Birthday Party and celebrated her princess style. Talk about fun! The girls had a BLAST.  Wednesday night was booked too! Candace is in town so Claire and I enjoyed catching up with her while enjoying dinner! On Thursday, 30+ other women enjoyed a fun ladies night in! Macy lead us in worship on the back patio & then we had an amazing speaker, Regan, come and do a uplifting inspirational talk that kicked off Summer in the BEST WAY!  It was a busy week, but OH so fun! And just when I thought our week was busy... check out this past weekend!

I mean! Look how sweet, you guys! Sugar & Spice in downtown McKinney. 

Happy Birthday, Ashby

Our weekend was jam packed with fun! On Friday, we dropped the girls off at Lala & Papas house! They spent the night with them & had a blast at their neighborhood block party.

Thanks to the Vansicle Family for planning and sending me these pictures of the girls at my parents block party! SO FUN! 

The next morning, they went to the Coppell Farmers Market in downtown Coppell & then played in the splash pad.

 While they were doing fun summer fun activities with my parents, Michael and I headed on a couples date night!

Kali & Kyle, and Melissa & Sean came along for the fun and we patio'd it at MiCocina at the Shops in Allen!! The next morning, we picked up the girls from my parents and then headed to the pool for a swim with Daddy.

 The girls and I pool it during the week and he wanted to check out our little fishes in the water!

That evening, we went to a community event right down the road from us. Tucker Hill! They put on a amazing concert, had food trucks, and the girls had SO much fun playing, dancing, and enjoying slushies!
Please take a minutes a check out Ally Ann Ann! haha! Her cheese pose these days has Michael and I rolling! 

We meet the Knight's! These too snuggle bugs- Layton & Harper 

Look at the girls the background! 

The littles dancing

Slushies! They were SOOO good! 

Sunday Summer swim party at our community pool

Sunday was a busy morning (with LOTS OF coffee)  VBS prep at our church, Hope Fellowship, and then our neighborhoods Summer Kick off Party! The HOA hosted yummy hotdogs, slushies and a DJ at the pools in our neighborhood! Phew! We were tired! We ordered pizza for dinner and hung out in our jimmies all evening!

Our Summer is off to a great start, I'd say!! 


Our Little Stars

As a previous Kindergarten teacher, I love the fact that our girls are getting to the age to enjoy fun school activities. Hadley was the star student of her classroom a few weeks ago and Layton is the star this week. She is so excited for school tomorrow. She keeps talking about how she gets to be the line leader. Which is pretty big deal to the average four year old! Hadley is being so sweet and sharing in the excitement. 
Being a Momma has its tough days and moments, but watching them grow up & experience simple things like this, beaming with excitement, makes me grateful. They are growing, learning, blooming and simply the loves of our life, along with their little sister! 

The twins told Ally Ann that she has to wait a few more years for start student status. ;)

Happy Star Student week, Layton! We love our little stars! 

Hadley McKee 4yrs

 First McKinney Baptist Church- Preschool 
Ms. Alyson & Ms. Elaine

Layton Aaron 4 yrs


Ally Ann turns TWO

Our sweet baby is TWO! We enjoyed breakfast at a favorite in the Tennison household.. Chick Fil A! Ally Anns birthday card said, "Cluck, Cuck, Moo, Moo Ally Ann is turning two!"

Ally Ann LOVES cows! Every time we see one she waves and waves at the "puppies". Which we think we finally have her calling them cows now. :0)

We invited family and H&L got to pick a friend to have come too! 

Kayla did an amazing job with the decorations! 

@whynothaveaparty on Instagram 

Sorry for the picture OVERLOAD! :) 
Our sweet baby had a great party! We loved celebrating her. 

Her party was so cute! We used the colors teal & pink and as you can see above, it turned out precious. 
I have a friend, Kayla McAfee, who has started her own party business 
 and she helped plan and decorate the party, so we got show up and everything was DONE! 
It was pretty amazing. If you have a party to plan... leave everything to her! 

Our baby at ONE... look how tiny! We can't believe she is TWO! We love you so much, Ally Ann! We are so thankful for your sweet little self!