Ally Ann turns TWO

Our sweet baby is TWO! We enjoyed breakfast at a favorite in the Tennison household.. Chick Fil A! Ally Anns birthday card said, "Cluck, Cuck, Moo, Moo Ally Ann is turning two!"

Ally Ann LOVES cows! Every time we see one she waves and waves at the "puppies". Which we think we finally have her calling them cows now. :0)

We invited family and H&L got to pick a friend to have come too! 

Kayla did an amazing job with the decorations! 

@whynothaveaparty on Instagram 

Sorry for the picture OVERLOAD! :) 
Our sweet baby had a great party! We loved celebrating her. 

Her party was so cute! We used the colors teal & pink and as you can see above, it turned out precious. 
I have a friend, Kayla McAfee, who has started her own party business 
 and she helped plan and decorate the party, so we got show up and everything was DONE! 
It was pretty amazing. If you have a party to plan... leave everything to her! 

Our baby at ONE... look how tiny! We can't believe she is TWO! We love you so much, Ally Ann! We are so thankful for your sweet little self!

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  1. Oh my goodness, such sweetness! Love, love her!