Our Little Stars

As a previous Kindergarten teacher, I love the fact that our girls are getting to the age to enjoy fun school activities. Hadley was the star student of her classroom a few weeks ago and Layton is the star this week. She is so excited for school tomorrow. She keeps talking about how she gets to be the line leader. Which is pretty big deal to the average four year old! Hadley is being so sweet and sharing in the excitement. 
Being a Momma has its tough days and moments, but watching them grow up & experience simple things like this, beaming with excitement, makes me grateful. They are growing, learning, blooming and simply the loves of our life, along with their little sister! 

The twins told Ally Ann that she has to wait a few more years for start student status. ;)

Happy Star Student week, Layton! We love our little stars! 

Hadley McKee 4yrs

 First McKinney Baptist Church- Preschool 
Ms. Alyson & Ms. Elaine

Layton Aaron 4 yrs

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