Tennison Travels {Baton Rouge, Louisiana}

Tennison Travels 2014
Destination 1: 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

St. Patty's Day 2014!

This family tradition continues to be a blast! 
While our experiences have changed while toting around two littles, we still have such a wonderful time! 
Traveling with children is much harder than traveling with adults.  Phew.. there is so much preparation and planning that goes into the trip. *Notice.. I said, trip not vacation.  The term 'vacation' would be, a stay LONGER than 3 days, with/or without children, to which you are not constantly packing and moving pack-n-plays from one location to another. (Man, that was tricky!) 
It was work, but work worthwhile! 
We had such a fun time with family and friends. 

-we enjoyed... swinging
 -playing (single shoe playing is fun, too!)

-family time/crawfish on the porch

-parade watching

-green beads and beer

 -family hugging

-daddy loving

-memory making 

 This trip continues to always be a blast. 
McKee Clan 2014 
A 'traveling tips' blog post is in the works. Stay tuned!

More {Tennison Travels} are in the plans with our littles throughout this year.
In the meantime, I'll be snapping away as you follow our little family adventures. 
Ann Marie 


17 Months

Hadley and Layton are 17 months old and I can hardly handle typing this! 
It just doesn't seem possible that time has flown by this fast.  So many fun things have happened this last month with our littles. 

Little Layton-
You have the cutest little walk! Your Daddy says you wobble when you walk. It's precious and I love it!  You see, you have the cutest little rolls on your thighs. I think those cause the wobble! It's cute. I love it. 

St. Patty's Day Parade- Baton Rouge 
walkin' and ridin'

Playing at the park in our neighborhood

You are an amazing eater. 
You shove your little mouth full of food. It makes me super nervous. You'll eat anything, including the cheerios left on the ground. 

You can turn on the sassy too. You had your first crying temper tantrum last night. UGH! Your Daddy and I didn't know what do to with you. When you were done... off to play you went. 

You still LOVE your blankie- "lovie" and your bunny-"Floppy" You snuggle with them all night and during nap times. 

I adore your sweet demeanor and your precious little self SO much! You, little Layton, are loved.

Giving kisses

Sweet Hadley- 
Your hands behind your back when you walk will melt anyone who watches.

You are so sweet to your sister (unless she takes your toy!) and such a good helper.

Helping Layton 

As great as you are at sharing your toys, you have learned to hit when you get upset. :( Layton takes your toys and it makes you mad. (I'd be mad, too!) Yet, when I get onto you and tell you to give Layton an "I'm sorry hug" you follow directions. Sometimes I think you hit to just turn around and to give a hug in return. 
Hmmm... little stinker!

Give Layton a kiss! 

You are such a sweetheart and MELT anyone who holds you as you snuggle into their arms. 

Poppa and Hadley 

Food-If I would let you, you would eat grapes, blue berries and puffs, by the handful, all day every day! 
Besides those favorites, you are a great little eater. 

You are still our little skinny minnie ranking in the 2nd percentile! You are still 18lbs, 3 oz as of your last Dr. appointment. 

Hadley and her Bevo=pure love!
 Nap times and car rides are when Bevo (Hadley's wubanub pacifier) comes into play. 

Hadley- you are so smart, precious and I adore you SO much! I love you little one! 

You both are sweet and share with one another ALL. THE. TIME. You will bring each other sippy cups, snacks, shoes, play toys.. really, anything! If I ask you to bring me a shoe, or bow, you'll both do it. It really is sweet.  You are both starting to mimic words. You make us laugh as you try to say the words, but they come out in your own little language.  Right now, you still love to say: Dada, Momma, Dog-uh, cracker, Uhhh ohhh, Hi, hey, Hi Dada, Hi Momma, Poppa, and uh oh! You are also making animals sounds! You both still love reading, singing and dancing. Each night after bath (which you LOVE) we all play on Mommy and Daddy's bed. You both love falling into the pillows. 

You have continued to sleep from 7pm- 7(ish)am!
Naps: 10am-11am & 2:00-4:00 

Today, I caught Hadley patting Layton's back. PURE SWEETNESS! Yesterday, Layton was walking around kissing everything.  Layton, you make kissing noises "Mah" after each kiss. MELT! 
You have also both learned to scream.. or should I say squeal. When you want to be held, you both have started to lift up your arms and say, "uh, uh" which we repeat as, "up, up" 

Pretend play is in full swing this month. You will both "cook" in the play kitchen and feed each other from play spoons and bowls. 

Make-up and jewelry = cuteness overload
You love them both.
 You will put on necklace, after necklace, after necklace and use mommy's make up brushes to put on makeup. What fun we will all have when you are in High school!

Our backyard now has a play area, with a slide, and you LOVE it. You both enjoy being outdoors. 
I am ready for spring weather to arrive. 

You two are so much fun! The wonderful times with you out weigh the harder times. I can't imagine one of you without the other. You are lucky to have a sister and you both complete our little family of four so perfectly. Although, I know you want a brother or another sister one day! :)

 I can't wait to watch you grow up.
{Your giggles have our hearts forever}
We love you, two! 

Mommy and Daddy