Tennison Travels {Baton Rouge, Louisiana}

Tennison Travels 2014
Destination 1: 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

St. Patty's Day 2014!

This family tradition continues to be a blast! 
While our experiences have changed while toting around two littles, we still have such a wonderful time! 
Traveling with children is much harder than traveling with adults.  Phew.. there is so much preparation and planning that goes into the trip. *Notice.. I said, trip not vacation.  The term 'vacation' would be, a stay LONGER than 3 days, with/or without children, to which you are not constantly packing and moving pack-n-plays from one location to another. (Man, that was tricky!) 
It was work, but work worthwhile! 
We had such a fun time with family and friends. 

-we enjoyed... swinging
 -playing (single shoe playing is fun, too!)

-family time/crawfish on the porch

-parade watching

-green beads and beer

 -family hugging

-daddy loving

-memory making 

 This trip continues to always be a blast. 
McKee Clan 2014 
A 'traveling tips' blog post is in the works. Stay tuned!

More {Tennison Travels} are in the plans with our littles throughout this year.
In the meantime, I'll be snapping away as you follow our little family adventures. 
Ann Marie 

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