Tid Bits for Travels

Tid bits for trip traveling with children:

{Pack Early}
I started packing for the twins a week in advance. I laid out their outfits and assesories (socks, shoes, bows) for each day along with PJ's for each night. Just having their clothes planned for the trip takes a off huge stress relief! 

{Plan Meals}
Although, I knew we were going to be eating out and on the run... plan for moments when you are at a location with "adult" type of foods only! This came in handy many moments! In my trunk, I packed a small box of on the go items for the girls. Mac-n-cheese, fruit cups, squeezie packets of veggies, crackers, goldfish and a few other items! These all came in handy at one moment or another. Crawfish, frog legs and spicy corn/potatoes, were too hard on our little's tummies. 

{Snacks Up Front}
On a 7/8 hour car ride, there will be times when snacks are needed to keep little ones happy. On the floor board of the passenger side, I kept a gallon bag full of easy to eat *and hand back, snacks for the girls. Sippy cups were also up front for me to pass back. 

{Entertainment for a LONG Drive}
A DVD player attached to the back of our cars headrest was a life saver. I got creative and tied, with ribbon, the DVD player to the middle seat of their carseats. When the girls woke from their naps, we would put on a Mickey Mouse or Baby Einstein video for them to watch.

{Plastic Sacks/bags}
There were many moments when we needed a plastic sack to throw trash in! {Dirty diapers on a car ride was ONE of those moments!} Wiping down faces after a lunch out and snack trash from eating on the go. Keeping our car some-what clean was much easier with these trash bags. Tip:  Keep a few in your glove compartment. 

{Sleep Zzz}
Bring your sound machine! We played white noise/lullabies through the speakers of our car for nap times when we were on the go. The twins slept best with these familiar sounds. If they like to snuggle with a stuffed animal or small blanket, bring that too!  

Traveling with little ones can make your trip a little bit more stressful, yet, the more prepared and organized you are, the MORE fun you will have! 

 With a little extra planning, your trip will be a smooth one!

Happy travels!

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