Twin-dition (tradition!)

I am a tradition type of girl! 
I blame this on my Mom. Thanks, Mom.
{I don't really blame you! } 
She always did such a wonderful job of making holidays and events so very special. She still does. 
I can wait to instill this in Hadley and Layton's little lives. 

 When the girls were 6 months old, my twin friend momma's started one of many traditions. 
{we all meet and bonded over big ol' preggo bellies! Now, we are inseperable!}

"Take us out to the ball game..."

Caroline's husband, Scott, works for the Frisco Rough Riders. Therefore, we reap the wonderful benefit of a fabulous home base suite. 
It. is. amazing. 
We had such a wonderful time last year, that we decided that we should make it a tradition. Here we our a year later, batters up! 

and now... 
We tried out best- this was the best shot! Caroline's littles were missing from the pictures because they were sick. :( Pretend that they are on the far left. 

I definitely hit a Home Run with these girls! (no pun intended) 
Group Picture! So glad we were able to get one with Caroline, Bennett and Clara. 

Mommy and Layton

Just a few more iphone pictures! 


It's a twin-dition! 
 Batters UP!

Thank you, Caroline and Scott! 

{few more traditions}
We walk together! This was a tradition that we started when our little's were weeks old!
Caroline, me, Sharon (missing Stephanie)
Clara, Bennett, Hadley, Layton, Katherine, Kaden (missing Caleb & Christian) 

Christmas Cookie Decorating

Eater egg hunt tradition at the Knight's home
{7 months}

We can't wait for next weekend for the girls to enjoy picking up the Easter eggs. 

 All of my friends are amazing! AHH-mazing. I love them ALL! Single friends, married friends, Mommy friends, ALL of them are wonderful. 
God has blessed me with the most wonderful friendships to enjoy this life. 

One of my friends is amazingly (is that a word) crafty. Caroline, makes the most wonderful gifts for your home or for friends and family. You must check her out!
 Instagram- @vineandbranchestx 
She has her own etsy shop, too!  
Check out Caroline's family blog here!

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  1. Fun, the little things they WILL remember. You are building family memories one little tradition at a time! Love you, Mom