2.5 year old twins

*Yes, we officially have 2 1/2 year old babies...errr- toddlers- errr- big sisters!! 

Dallas Arboretum 

Yup- we can't believe it either! I have LOVED every age, every new stage of development, every ounce of being a Momma to these two, precious, girls. They have proven that each stage and month has grown to be the best. I have loved every bit of every day with these two precious girls! 

I wanted to document a few things/memories of life with 2 1/2 year olds! Enjoy a few pictures along the way. 

*New cars seats= Hadley LOVES to "I do it!" buckle herself in. Layton... naaa. Go for it mom.

*Walks to the park- They both jump in the stroller to walk to the park. But, heading home. Layton, "I walk, ooo-kay, Momma?!" As Hadley hops in the stroller for the ride home. 
 RoughRiders Baseball Game 

*Speaking of park--  The park a few houses down, the one we frequent, isn't just called "The Park". Nope.. It's referred too as "The Higher Park". Why? Because it has swings and of course, the girls scream, "Hiyyyyuur, Hiyyyyur!" It's a cute name for a park, and I love hearing them ask to go! 

*Flip flops are called- "slip sops" by Layton.

*ABC's are sung and counting to 10 is fun! The girls love to draw, color and paint!  
backyard fun!

*Hadley loves to dress herself. Layton takes whatever you give her. But, if it comes to a tutu- Layton is all about it! She wears them to sleep most days. 
Playing with rocks at LaLa and Popas

*Mickey Mouse (Minnie is favored) & Bubble Guppies two of their favorite shows. 

"Pancakes with syrup" are requested for breakfast EVERY night after our night-night song. 

*Nightly routine- yes! Every night goes like such-- bath time, a Bubble Guppies show/upstairs play, prayers and then our 'I love you so much' song. 

*The girls are talking... TALKING! Full sentences! 

*Playing outside is a blast! They love to play in the backyard. They are asking for the swimming pool daily!

*Potty training will start soon! They are still not interested in the potty- but, we will work on that in the warmer weather! I'm in no rush, can you tell?  (outside accidents are better than inside, right?)

*The girls HATE bugs. Yet, love roley poleys!

*"Ally Ann, time to eat?" is said at every quiver or sound that little sister makes. 
Stay little, sweet little one!

*"want Mommy's milk, Awwweee Ann??" Is repeated daily. 

*Speaking of Mommy's milk- the girls go to preschool twice a week and this story was told to me yesterday from their preschool teacher..... 

When I picked up the girls from school on Wednesday, the teachers were giggling and told me that they twins were "feeding" their babies milk before "night, night". I responded to their teachers by saying, "Yes- yes, they do LOVE to play with their baby dolls." Wait for it.. wait for it....  They then said that both of the girls were lifting up their shirts and 'feeding' their babies.  The teacher said that they tried not to giggle because she didn't want to embarrass the girls. {thanks, so thoughtful :)} They explained that the boys didn't need to see underneath their shirts. 

We had a fun talk on the way home.

Big sisters with their little sister!

Life with 2 1/2 year olds is wonderful!!! 
Add a 2 month old in there and it makes life 
pretty perfect!


Ally Ann--6 weeks old

Holy cow- our littlest baby is six weeks and our oldest babies are 2 1/2! 
We can't believe it. STOP time, stop.

Ally Ann- you are the sweetest little girl! Let me catch up on some details from the past 6 weeks.

You sleep- Thank the good Lord, you sleep! You go down about 8pm and we wake you for a 10pm dream feed. You then sleep soundly till 3/4am and then quickly eat again and off to bed till 6:30/7am. I was truly worried about sleep... running after twins and caring for a newborn with NO sleep. We are thankful for such a great sleeper. 

You eat- fabulous!! I was nervous (terrified) about how you would do nursing. It was hard (extremely hard) to nurse your big sisters. They were teeny tiny and we had to nurse and then feed them a bottle of pumped milk. It was tough, hard and a long process every 2-3 hours. You sweet girl, nurse like a champ and have been such a blessing to your Momma, as I was praying to be able to breastfeed you. Way to go, punkin'.

You play- Well.... more like you watch your sisters play! They keep you entertained. 

You are- laid back!! You cry when you are hungry and that's about it. At times you have a hard time putting yourself to sleep, so I swaddle you up nice and snuggly and place you in the swing. Off to sleep you go and then into your bed!  You take a pacifier every once and a while. Last night you didn't use it at all.  I cherish each of your sweet snuggles with you!!! {You are currently laying in my lap as I type this post and your sisters are taking their nap. It's just me and you, little girl!}

Your hair is still a light brown and your eyes are a beautiful blue! You have been gaining weight and growing/measuring on track.

Your sisters LOVE you! They have done wonderful with your transition into our family. I have be honest and say that I was a little nervous about how your sisters would interact with you and one another when the attention wasn't all about them. But, they have done great! They love you! They ask for you every morning and throughout the day. When we are in the car and you get upset Layton always says, "It's okay Ally (Ah-wee) Ann!" & Hadley always pats you and tries to give you a pacifier. It's adorable. They also ask if you need Mommy's milk. It took them some time to understand where and why you get your milk from Mommy. When we first brought you home, Hadley pointed to the refrigerator and said, "Mommy, milk is in there! " Sweet girl.

All in all- the last 6 weeks have been pure bliss! You have made your Mommy and Daddy so happy. I have loved watching you grow for the past few weeks and can't wait to watch you grow up with your sisters. 

We are blessed to have been in trusted with your care. We thank God for you daily. 

We love you, Ally Ann!!!