Chapter 51: Bath and Bubbles

{Bath & Bed time with Hadley and Layton}

Don't you love the scent of a clean baby? I sure do! Each night we put the girls in their handy dandy sink sling! The girls absolutely love laying in the warm water.  It is so neat to watch them interact with the water and their hands. I have learned that this is also a great time to trim their finger nails. This is when they are most relaxed. Over the last two weeks, we have made bath time part of our nightly routine. It is great!! Clean PJ's and a warm bottle finish off the evening. Once they are comfy and cozy- into their cribs they go! We set our goal of bath time at 7:00pm and then a last bottle at 7:30pm. Off to their cribs for a nice 6 hour snooze! At around 1am/2am the girls wake for their next feeding. The girls have stayed at a consistent 6 hours stretch during the night. I feel that this strict routine has really helped them. While teaching Elementary students, I know that children thrive on consistency, therefore, I know infants do, too! We have continued to encourage the girls to fall asleep on their own. This independence can only help in the long run. We are attempting to get the girls to eat more during the day. We want them to know that day time is for eating! We are hopeful to lengthen their nightly bedtime routine over the next few weeks.

Enjoy a few bubbles in the bath photos!



Oh those sweet baby blue's!! 



  1. So precious. They sure are growing. Glad I can see them on the Blog......

  2. Maybe I should explain. I am Grandma Cloughly. My kids in North Carolina are on the same blog, so I am known as Grandma.....Laverne Clougly