Chapter 53: Mommy & Baby Must Haves

{mommy must haves}
I have had a lot of questions from moms to be of what we loved/used when the twins arrived.  
I simply remember my favorite things.... 
I love this song! 

Medela Pump in Style 
(PS-there is no pumping in style!)
This was a life saver at the beginning. I was worried that the twins were not getting enough milk from me while nursing. Using this pump put us at ease, as we could bottle feed and see how much they were taking in. I still use this pump daily.... or should I say, ALL day! (I'll be honest- I have a love-hate relationship with this machine...It's exhausting! Love the opportunity it gives my sweet little girls, yet hate that I am hooked up to it all the time.)
FYI: There is a Freestyle Handsfree Medela Pump (click) that is $399.00.  I wish I would have registered/purchased this one. But, for now, this one works great!! It would be a great investment to pay $100 more for the handsfree option. I would love to have the opportunity to clean dishes, put in a load of laundry, brush my teeth... and pump at the same time! MULTI- TASK! Hey... bring a 20% coupon with you, that will help with the cost! 

Hands Free Bra
I didn't have this for the first two weeks and I don't know how I functioned without it! It is wonderful... and the reason why I am able to blog so much. This picture makes me laugh!  
 Buy Buy Baby $34.99

Other breastfeeding mommy needs: 
Lilly Pads (first 2 months- life saver!) $24.99 
Lanolin Cream (amazing!) $9.99
I used this daily for about the first 2 months.
Bottle brush/washer
This little thing works great for cleaning their bottles and breast pump materials! 
Buy Buy Baby $3.99 a set

We started the girls in their My Little Lamb swing at 5 weeks of age. This was a life saver for me.  When I was feeding one baby, the other was being rocked. Vis-versa!  The girls love them. The music option and different swing directions is a nice touch. We go through a new set of batteries each 3-4 weeks. We didn't know there was a plug in option. Purchase that one! 
Buy Buy Baby $160.00 each

Digital Video Baby Monitor
This monitor is amazing- it switches from baby bed to baby bed! 
It has a second camera. It is easy to use and to transport. 

Diaper Bag
I'm kinda obsessed with this adorable bag!! If you're going to carry a diaper bag around with you where ever you go, it's worth getting something that you love. That I did!  
Backpack option for when I have both hands full... this will be used ALL the time! :) I love this diaper bag. The outside side pockets I use for my phone and wallet. The bottom part hold diapers and a diaper changing pad.  Inside there are tons of pockets! 
Can't forget....
Starbucks and Bubbles... 
for early morning pick me ups and late night relaxing baths! 
Bath and Body Works $12.99

{baby must haves}

Baby Sleep Sacks
The girls L-O-V-E to be swaddled.  During the evenings we swaddle them after their bath and bottle! They fall fast asleep.  We LOVE these. This weekend we went and bought the largest size to last us a few more weeks! We are hoping to get to 4 1/2 months/5 months with these swaddle sacks. 
$24.99 set 3

I was going to try and be one of those amazing super moms who didn't use a pacifier.... well, that went straight out the window! Most babies use the sucking mechanism to calm them when upset. Well... these work! They are amazing for calming our sweet girls. {Instant relief} 
(for them and me)
$12.99 each

Nap Nanny 
UHHHH-mazing! The girls slept in these for the first 12 weeks. (this wiggle worm was wiggling out of her swaddle) I was worried about them transitioning from the slight incline to laying flat in their cribs, yet they did amazing!! 
(stores are no longer selling- find a friend! Chocolate Lab NOT for sale)

Sound Machine
White noise/lullabies=sleeping twins
Bath Sling
We use this in our kitchen sink. The girls LOVE baths and could lay in it all day with the warm water running over them. I lay a hand towel under their bodies and it allows a small amount of water to stay around their body and helps prop them up. 
(The hand towel also helps hold in warmth!)
When the girls are older, we will move their sling chairs into the tub! When they are sitting up well, I have heard wonderful things about this bathtub duck!  He saves ALOT of water and is super cute!


Aden + Anais Blankets
These are so soft and light weight! They wash easily and are just plain wonderful! They are also easy to bring on the go and take up less room since they are made of a thin material. They also work well if you have a newborn/infant who gets hot easily.  Our little Layton warms up faster than her sister, Hadley!
(also sold a Target)

Double Snap -N- Go Stroller 
Their car seats snap in to the stroller! It is light weight and super easy to get out of my SUV. My friend has a Honda Accord and it fits in her trunk! Great for twins or any newborn.  The girls car seats face me, therefore, I can reach them easily if they need a pacifier! We've been on lots of walks with this stroller. 
 (while they are in a cat seat)

I hope these items were helpful to Mommies and new Mommies to be! 
Every above item was purchased from Buy Buy Baby! 
Click on "Buy Buy Baby" to shop away!

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