Ballet Slipper to Soccer Cleats!

The twins had a great time learning how to dance this year! As most of you know, these girls are attached to this Mommas legs. EVERY. WHERE. WE. GO! So, pushing them to try something new was good for them, and great for me! :)

We started them in a summer class last summer and then had them in ballet/ tap weekly classes during the year. We sure love these little dancers! 

A year in review... where did our ballet slippers take us??  
Take a look at all the places our little slippers were brought along. 

-to and from Market Street- beep beep

-lots of fun in the back yard 

-dance with friends!!

-the trucked along for Halloween 

-they brunched and baby picked: American Doll FUN!  
(do you see the tutu under Hadleys dress??)

 -they danced with friends in downtown McKinney

- they listened to storys from LaLa

-and they celebrated Thanksgiving, too  

-they were worn on many backyard lunches

-they came along on playdates with friends, too! 

Christmas performance 

-One day Ally Ann! One day you too can try dance! 

We're trading in....slippers for soccer cleats! 

What's next for the Tennison tribe? 
Hadley and Layton have showed interest in soccer when we go to the park to play. (there are TONS of teams that have their soccer practice in our neighborhood park!)  We have signed them up for a Fall league and can't wait for them to explore soccer!  September 10th (their first game) can't come soon enough for these girls! 

Our ballet slippers grew a lot with us this year! I sure love these little ballerinas.  And, yes, I know wearing ballet slippers besides the dance studio is frowned upon in the eyes of professional dancers, yet, these two LOVE them so much. 

So, until we are considered pros.... these slippers are on the GO!