Chapter 31: Happy Birthday!!!!

{twice as much to love, two blessings from above}

We would love to introduce our precious, sweet, and healthy twin girls!

Hadley and Layton Tennison
Happy Birthday!
October 10, 2012

Hadley McKee:
 Time: 7:55am
Weight: 4lbs 15oz
Height: 19' 1/4

Layton Aaron:
Time: 7:54am
Weight: 4lbs 12oz
Height: 18'

Both girls and Mom are doing great and we can't wait to post pictures! Please continue to visit our blog for updates on these sweet girls. Thank you for your continued prayers as we welcome these girls into our family!

James 1:17
{Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above}


  1. Oh Ann! They are absolutely perfect! Such beautiful pictures of all of you. You look incredible...and Michael looks so happy. God has blessed you both! Can't wait to see more pictures. So happy you are all doing well.

  2. What an amazing day and it is just the beginning. You and Michael impressed me with your thoughtfulness and tenderness through everything. Hope you got some rest last night. At least maybe every three hours a little bit. Welcome Layton and Hadley! We love you all, you little family of FOUR!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! The girls are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I cannot wait to meet them. This is just the beginning of such a wonderful journey; you will wonder how you ever made it without them. Thanks go out to Melissa too for keeping everyone updated and sending pics. Take care!

  4. Soooo incredibly happy for you! They are beautiful!!!

  5. Can't wait to meet these beauties!

  6. Can't wait to meet these beauties!