Chapter 33- Perfect 10!


Have you ever watched Dancing With The Stars?  If not, the goal of the dancers are to get a perfect 10 from each of the 3 judges. Last night, we felt as if Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Bruno Tonioli were in our bedroom. What? You may be thinking...  Well, when you have twins, the thought of feeding TWO babies, changing TWO diapers, and then putting back to sleep TWO little ones, just sounds like a daring task. Right?  I mean, one child would be hard enough... but two!? God knew what he was doing blessing us with two sweet girls knowing we would need a grace period as we learn to get down this whole "parent" thing. Well, GRACE he has given!! Each night the girls do wonderful! If I was judging we would have many ratings of 10's and 9's over the last 10 nights. 
Drum Roll.... "Michael and Ann Marie, please release your scores."
10, 10 (Sophie and Hondo: 10)  
Last night we made a perfect score! We woke the girls, fed, changed, swaddled, and back into their crib they went. Not one tear!
Thank you Lord for giving us these two wonderful sleepers. We know it won't always be this easy, but we'll take as many nights with 9's and 10's as we can get.  

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  1. So perfect little 10's. How much sleep are Sophie and Hondo getting! I want a copy of this picture please.