Chapter 43- 2 Months Old

{Two Month Check Up }

Layton Aaron
Weight: 8lbs 2.5oz
Height: 20 1/2"
Head Cir: 14 1/2"
Vaccine: DTap, Hep B, IPV, PCV13
Feeding: Mom's milk 4-5oz during each feeding

Hadley McKee
Weight: 8lbs 3oz
Height: 21 1/4"
Head Cir: 14 1/2"
Vaccine: DTap, Hep B, IPV, PCV13
Feeding: Mom's milk 4-5oz during each feeding

Another month has come and gone! You are both putting on weight and sleeping great. (7 hours the last two nights!)

Hadley- You love to lay on your back wide awake and look around. You were talking up a storm tonight and Michael and I loved listening to you! We kept laughing at all of your sounds. It's amazing how alert you are during the day. You love to sit in your "chair" which is a "u" shaped boppy pillow. 

Layton- You still love your swing! You aren't in love with laying on your back as much as your sister. You have your own little personality and we love it. You are our cuddle bug! You also love your chair, but don't enjoy sitting in it very long. You are also more alert during the day.  This must be why you are both sleeping so well at night. 

I love watching you both sleep. I think it is the most precious thing EVER! God truly knew what he was doing when made the two of you. You are both are so different, yet so much alike. It is amazing! We are starting to give you a warm bath each night before bed time. (Your Mommy love baths, so I knew the two of you would love them, too.) We have started a 'dream feed' at 10pm and we think that is the reason for you both sleeping so well. What is a dream feed you may ask? We feed the girls at 8pm and then at 10pm feed them one or two ounces of milk, while they are sleeping.  It basically tops off/fills up their bellies to allow them to sleep longer due to being full. It works fabulous!! 

We love you! 
Happy 2 Months!

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