Chapter 48- Ho Ho Ho Holidays!

What a difference a year makes... 

Christmas 2011- Snow in Colorado, Durango Mountain Resort 
Christmas 2012- Snow in Dallas!! 

Christmas 2012 

Thank you Lord for gracing us with many wonderful blessings during this holiday season! We praise you in all we do and are thankful for your blessings.  In the past two weeks, Hadley and Layton have celebrated two holidays/birthdays; 
Jesus' and Daddy's Birthday (he's old... 30!)  

Over the Christmas holiday, the girls had a great time going from Grandparents house to Grandparents house. We enjoyed Church at Hope Fellowship, Christmas Eve at Gram and Grumps (Michael's parents) and then snow and Christmas Day at LaLa's and Popa's. (my parents) The snow was a perfect touch to the girls first Christmas!  

After Christmas, Aunt Melissa and Uncle Sean found out the sex of sweet baby Fox!
 *Due to arrive in May!*  
It's a..... GIRL!! 
Hadley and Layton are so excited. 
(so are their parents!) 

We also got a special, short treat- My Nanny's plane to Alexandria was delayed- I brought the girls over to my parents home for love and hugs before she had to head back! We love you Nanny! 

Our girls are great little travelers! 
We have two easy and happy baby girls.
 We don't take it for granted! 

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