Chapter 53: Mommy & Baby Must Haves

{mommy must haves}
I have had a lot of questions from moms to be of what we loved/used when the twins arrived.  
I simply remember my favorite things.... 
I love this song! 

Medela Pump in Style 
(PS-there is no pumping in style!)
This was a life saver at the beginning. I was worried that the twins were not getting enough milk from me while nursing. Using this pump put us at ease, as we could bottle feed and see how much they were taking in. I still use this pump daily.... or should I say, ALL day! (I'll be honest- I have a love-hate relationship with this machine...It's exhausting! Love the opportunity it gives my sweet little girls, yet hate that I am hooked up to it all the time.)
FYI: There is a Freestyle Handsfree Medela Pump (click) that is $399.00.  I wish I would have registered/purchased this one. But, for now, this one works great!! It would be a great investment to pay $100 more for the handsfree option. I would love to have the opportunity to clean dishes, put in a load of laundry, brush my teeth... and pump at the same time! MULTI- TASK! Hey... bring a 20% coupon with you, that will help with the cost! 

Hands Free Bra
I didn't have this for the first two weeks and I don't know how I functioned without it! It is wonderful... and the reason why I am able to blog so much. This picture makes me laugh!  
 Buy Buy Baby $34.99

Other breastfeeding mommy needs: 
Lilly Pads (first 2 months- life saver!) $24.99 
Lanolin Cream (amazing!) $9.99
I used this daily for about the first 2 months.
Bottle brush/washer
This little thing works great for cleaning their bottles and breast pump materials! 
Buy Buy Baby $3.99 a set

We started the girls in their My Little Lamb swing at 5 weeks of age. This was a life saver for me.  When I was feeding one baby, the other was being rocked. Vis-versa!  The girls love them. The music option and different swing directions is a nice touch. We go through a new set of batteries each 3-4 weeks. We didn't know there was a plug in option. Purchase that one! 
Buy Buy Baby $160.00 each

Digital Video Baby Monitor
This monitor is amazing- it switches from baby bed to baby bed! 
It has a second camera. It is easy to use and to transport. 

Diaper Bag
I'm kinda obsessed with this adorable bag!! If you're going to carry a diaper bag around with you where ever you go, it's worth getting something that you love. That I did!  
Backpack option for when I have both hands full... this will be used ALL the time! :) I love this diaper bag. The outside side pockets I use for my phone and wallet. The bottom part hold diapers and a diaper changing pad.  Inside there are tons of pockets! 
Can't forget....
Starbucks and Bubbles... 
for early morning pick me ups and late night relaxing baths! 
Bath and Body Works $12.99

{baby must haves}

Baby Sleep Sacks
The girls L-O-V-E to be swaddled.  During the evenings we swaddle them after their bath and bottle! They fall fast asleep.  We LOVE these. This weekend we went and bought the largest size to last us a few more weeks! We are hoping to get to 4 1/2 months/5 months with these swaddle sacks. 
$24.99 set 3

I was going to try and be one of those amazing super moms who didn't use a pacifier.... well, that went straight out the window! Most babies use the sucking mechanism to calm them when upset. Well... these work! They are amazing for calming our sweet girls. {Instant relief} 
(for them and me)
$12.99 each

Nap Nanny 
UHHHH-mazing! The girls slept in these for the first 12 weeks. (this wiggle worm was wiggling out of her swaddle) I was worried about them transitioning from the slight incline to laying flat in their cribs, yet they did amazing!! 
(stores are no longer selling- find a friend! Chocolate Lab NOT for sale)

Sound Machine
White noise/lullabies=sleeping twins
Bath Sling
We use this in our kitchen sink. The girls LOVE baths and could lay in it all day with the warm water running over them. I lay a hand towel under their bodies and it allows a small amount of water to stay around their body and helps prop them up. 
(The hand towel also helps hold in warmth!)
When the girls are older, we will move their sling chairs into the tub! When they are sitting up well, I have heard wonderful things about this bathtub duck!  He saves ALOT of water and is super cute!


Aden + Anais Blankets
These are so soft and light weight! They wash easily and are just plain wonderful! They are also easy to bring on the go and take up less room since they are made of a thin material. They also work well if you have a newborn/infant who gets hot easily.  Our little Layton warms up faster than her sister, Hadley!
(also sold a Target)

Double Snap -N- Go Stroller 
Their car seats snap in to the stroller! It is light weight and super easy to get out of my SUV. My friend has a Honda Accord and it fits in her trunk! Great for twins or any newborn.  The girls car seats face me, therefore, I can reach them easily if they need a pacifier! We've been on lots of walks with this stroller. 
 (while they are in a cat seat)

I hope these items were helpful to Mommies and new Mommies to be! 
Every above item was purchased from Buy Buy Baby! 
Click on "Buy Buy Baby" to shop away!


Chapter 52: Mommy Manual

Mommy Manual:
As a new Mom I try to do my best in raising the girls! I am constantly reading blogs, websites, books and asking other Moms questions and techniques!  "What do you do when..." "How do you..." "At what age..." Wouldn't it be nice if there was a Mommy manual that guided us through parenthood? Doctors are great, and so are friends, but wouldn't it be fabulous to have a week by week manual?
 This morning, I was at my MOPS (Mother's of Pre-Schoolers: Birth-Kindergarten Mommies!!!) meeting. I always look forward to getting together with all of the Moms. We have great guest speakers, brunch, coffee, crafts, and much needed girl time. 

Today, one of the MOPS Moms spoke right to me! She spoke of the most perfect manual for raising children in our homes. The Bible.  As parents, our answers to each of our parenting questions are driven by the direction of the bible.  I know there have been times when I have asked the Lord to help me through a parenting decision. I am always reassured that He is guiding me. 

 Each child is different and would naturally come with their own manual. As parents we are guided by the bible in all of our choices. There is not ONE way to parent a child. Just as there is not one website, book or blog that would teach us what would be right for our children.  If we follow His ways in our marriage, parenting, and daily life style then our most perfect manual will be written!

Each family- writing their own manual- guided by the Bible.
Proverbs 22:6
Train a child in the way that he shall go, and when he is old, he will not turn form it.
Deuteronomy 6:6-9
These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the door frames of your houses and on your gates.


Chapter 51: Bath and Bubbles

{Bath & Bed time with Hadley and Layton}

Don't you love the scent of a clean baby? I sure do! Each night we put the girls in their handy dandy sink sling! The girls absolutely love laying in the warm water.  It is so neat to watch them interact with the water and their hands. I have learned that this is also a great time to trim their finger nails. This is when they are most relaxed. Over the last two weeks, we have made bath time part of our nightly routine. It is great!! Clean PJ's and a warm bottle finish off the evening. Once they are comfy and cozy- into their cribs they go! We set our goal of bath time at 7:00pm and then a last bottle at 7:30pm. Off to their cribs for a nice 6 hour snooze! At around 1am/2am the girls wake for their next feeding. The girls have stayed at a consistent 6 hours stretch during the night. I feel that this strict routine has really helped them. While teaching Elementary students, I know that children thrive on consistency, therefore, I know infants do, too! We have continued to encourage the girls to fall asleep on their own. This independence can only help in the long run. We are attempting to get the girls to eat more during the day. We want them to know that day time is for eating! We are hopeful to lengthen their nightly bedtime routine over the next few weeks.

Enjoy a few bubbles in the bath photos!



Oh those sweet baby blue's!! 



Chapter 50: Dear H & L

Hadley and Layton... you are three months old! Slow down :)

{Letters to my precious girls}
I thought it would be a great idea to write a letter to you every three months or so.  I cherish each of these memories and know you will love reading them one day.

Dear Hadley, aka: Hadley Bug, Hadley Girl, Angel Face,

You are a precious doll!! Really... you are! When you cry it breaks our heart. It is the saddest sound we have ever heard. Before you cry you roll down your bottom lip and make a frown that would make anyone sad.  You are an amazing sleeper!! If it wasn't for your sister (Layton is our alarm clock), I know you would sleep through the night. I truly believe this would have happened at 6 weeks of age! You have the sweetest personality, yet can be feisty when you want to be held or loved on. You definitely let us know, yet are mostly content. Speaking of sleep, you and Layton go down for bed so easy.  We love to watch you lay there wide eyed until you finally settle and fall asleep.  Bath time is fun and you love the warm water. You have started pulling your wet hands into your mouth and sucking on them as I soap up the rest of you! You don't enjoy the cold air as we pull you out of the bath. You and your sister are going to love long soaks in a bath, just like your Momma. I am secretly hoping that you keep those beautiful deep blue eyes you have.  Although, if they turn brown like mine, I will be happy too!  We think you will be walking by 9 months... you are pushing up with your strong little legs and have been doing this since around 7 weeks.  We laugh and laugh as we hold you and "practice" standing at night.  God made you perfect in His eyes (ours too!) and we couldn't be more happy! You are the sweetest little girl and we can't wait to watch your grown over the next few months. We love you to the moon and back.
I love you,  

Dear Layton, aka: Lay-Lay, Cutie Patoottie,

You are such a beauty! Those killer eyes will hopefully not get us in trouble one day.  You too were blessed with beautiful blues.  I prayed that you and your sister would have a little bit of both Daddy and I in each of you. But, secretly, I wanted you both to have his eyes. You are precious and the most fun to snuggle with. Your smile, OH your smile. It is the cutest thing ever. I actually caught your first smile on camera. I was one happy Momma and you gave me one BEAUTIFUL smile. You love to eat. Yes, just like Daddy. Wink! You eat more than your sister and that's okay! I went through a chunky stage as a baby and I feel that you will follow after Mom. You look a lot like me, as you have my eye shape, nose and lips.  You have more hair then your sister and it looks a tad bit darker.  You spit up during some of your feedings and we have you on medicine to help with that. We think it is working. You are a great sleeper, yet when you're not in a deep sleep and your pacifier falls out, you let us know! We call you our alarm clock.  Bath time is always fun. You lay there and seem so ha happy! You don't have an interest to stand like Hadley, yet you love to kick your legs.  You are a little wiggle worm and always end up at the bottom of your crib. We love you so much and have enjoyed watching you grow. God blessed us with a beautiful, sweet, girl and we are thankful for you! We couldn't imagine life without you.
I love you,

L & H: As the months pass, I am trying to cherish each day!  You have enriched my life and I am grateful for you! I love you so much and know that God is working through me to be the best Mommy that I can be for you two.  As hard as it can be at times, He knew that I could do this. I have always prayed that God would bless me with twins.  My dream came true. I pray that God leads us in the right direction as Michael and I raise you.  As His arms are always open to us, I want your second set to be ours.  I look forward to sharing this wonderful life with you as your Mommy.

For I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future! Jeremiah 29:11

Bursting with Love,


Chapter 49: 3 Months Old!

We joyfully welcome.... 

Twin Talk:
The girls are beginning to smile more and take in the surroundings around them! We have little lizards among us as they have learned their tongues and hands!  Their hands open and shut, come together, swipe at toys, and go straight to their mouth!It is so neat to watch them pull their hands to their mouths... I am not sure why I think this is cute, I just do! :) They are starting to look all around, therefore I know they are seeing much better. Both girls have great neck strength. When we hold them in our laps, their heads have very little wobble. They are also great little kickers. When we hold them on our laps, Hadley will push up to stand. Layton isn't as in a hurry to push up. Michael thinks that Hadley will be walking by 9 months. I give her till 12!

People always ask if the girls know that they have a sibling. I believe that the girls understand they have a sister...I have read that twins don't recognize their sibling until around 4 months of age. I can't wait to see their interactions. 

Hadley and Layton are consistently sleeping for a straight 5/6 hours each night. They sure love their pacifiers. I hope this is an easy habit to break. When they wake up at night, the pacifiers sooth them so well and they seem so happy to have them when they are upset. This Momma will do whatever it takes to keep these two sweet girls happy. Therefore, pacifiers it is!

During the day I am feeding them every 3 hours.  We have started nightly baths, and I truly feel that the warm water helps them sleep! 
(H & L- you don't like getting out of the bath! *tears*)

{Three Months}
We don't go to the doctor again until their 4 month check up, so I don't have much data to compare to previous months.

Layton Aaron

Weight: 10 lbs
Feeding:  5-6 oz during each feeding
Hadley McKee

Weight: 10lbs
Feeding: 4-5oz during each feeding

I am so thankful that the girls made it 3 months with no sickness. I am hopeful that we will continue this great streak of happiness and health!

I am ready to start running, but finding the time is hard.  When you have twins, it is so much harder to leave your husband with them alone.  When he gets home, we are in it together! I can't wait for warmer weather, then I'll be able to take the girls with me for a run in their running stroller.  I am planning on running a 5K with Becky and Lindsey in February. So, I have to find a few times a week to go for a run before it is too dark.  Humm... where to find the time?